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Bactiguard Infection Protection Program to Poland and Slovenia

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 07, 2013 16:54 CET

Bactiguard is now entering the Polish and Slovenian markets after signing two new distributor agreements in Poland with Atmed, and in Slovenia with Farcom IZOLA. Earlier this week, Bactiguard announced that Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are three new countries that now have access to Bactiguard’s unique technology.

Christian Kinch, CEO of Bactiguard is very pleased over the new partners:
“It has been a great week of success for Bactiguard. With these new distributors for in total five countries, our Bactiguard Infection Protection Portfolio is now available in over 30 countries worldwide. And hopefully we are saving lives and reducing the use of antibiotics in these countries. Our ambition together with our new partners is to prevent Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) and thereby also saving money in the health care sector”.

The Polish Society of Hospital Infections data on the costs of treating infections each year is 800 million zł (about 180 million euro per year).

Łukasz Strączyński, CEO and Owner Atmed S. C.: ”Recognizing these problems in our country, as well as the constantly rising costs of treatment by using more and more antibiotics, we have decided to partner with Bactiguard. Thanks to their innovative technology and approach to the problem of infections, we hope that it will enable a significant reduction of this huge problem in Poland”.

In Slovenia problems with HAI is also a big challenge resulting in high infection rates and a financial burden on the healthcare system.

Helena Kosir, CEO Farcom IZOLA: ‘’Hospital acquired infections are a huge problem in our hospitals. They prolong patients’ stays in hospital and, in the worst cases, cause permanent disability and even death. Implementing Bactiguard solutions into our healthcare system could make real improvements in the quality of care for patients”.

Bactiguard has the vision of becoming the world leader in reducing all device related health care associated infections. Through innovative technology and techniques, we are providing a clinically proven, practical and cost effective solution. The proof of Bactiguard® – over 100.000 patients in clinical studies, 125 million end users.

Atmed S. C. is a specialist medical company supplying healthcare facilities across Poland with the most modern medical devices and medical equipment since 1995. Atmed specializes in providing equipment for intensive care, cardiology, and neonatology with world-class equipment, with the objective of improving and developing the Polish healthcare.

Farcom IZOLA operates in supplying solution and services for the health care sector on the Slovenian market since 1995.