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Balkan banks choose Todos flexible authentication

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 02, 2009 13:01 CEST

Different end-users have different needs. This is as true of the Balkan states as it is anywhere else. As demand for eBanking grows, so does the demand for flexible, secure authentication. This is why leading banks in the region chose Todos's eCode system, hosted by Macedonian partner, Pexim.

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN AND SKOPJE, MACEDONIA - 2 APRIL 2009. Almost every bank in the Balkan states now offers online banking. This has driven demand for flexible, secure, user-friendly authentication in the region. This is why leading banks, including NLB Tutunska Banka, Stater Banka, BpB Bank Kosova and NLB Bank Kosova, chose Todos (

Todos eCode is more secure than static and one-time passwords, allowing banks to offer more services online, such as 3D-Secure eCommerce, large international transfers and digital signatures. At the same time, it is easy to use, making it a hit with bank customers. But for Balkan banks, it was flexibility that mattered most.

Pexim set up the Todos eCode platform in its Skopje service center in 2008. It works with any product in the Todos range, so banks could choose the right devices for their customers. For example, NLB Tutunska Banka opted for advanced smart card readers including Todos Signature and Todos Authenticator using VISA cards, whereas Stater Banka, BpB Bank Kosova and NLB Bank Kosova chose Todos ezToken, the highly portable token.

During 2008, the Todos/Pexim partnership helped 26 other banks in the region, many opting for Todos Argos Mini - the connected smart card reader.

Pexim's multi-issuer setup is a perfect example of how such a solution should work. It is "flexible, secure, efficient, scalable, user-friendly and bank-friendly," says Ulf Dahlberg, Todos Director of Sales, EMEA. Flexibility is the key. "Whether it's eBanking or eCommerce, we help banks tailor the way they do authentication to fit the needs of their users."


Pexim was founded in 1990. It is a group of companies with more than 400 highly specialized employees in the Balkan region. Pexim focuses on development, implementation and support of ICT solutions for the banking, finance, public and telecom sectors. In January 2008, Pexim joined the Asseco group, which is one of the largest IT corporations in Europe.

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