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Bass Trolls Steppers Dub EP ”Trees Fruits Vegetation”: release on Meerkat Recordings

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 24, 2013 12:20 CEST

With this EP the Bass Trolls crawl out from beneath the stone where they have been dwelling for about a decade. Bass Trolls’ shady and cave like existence has only been interrupted by short excursions to underground dub sound systems as well as pilgrimages to the UK to excavate 10 inch Steppers Dub vinyl. The Bass Trolls have also been spotted amidst urban vegetation lugging oversized record bags and portable turntables. With an armada of analog machinery and acoustic instruments the Bass Trolls have cultivated their dub sound, now pressed on this 10 inch green vinyl debut EP.

Bass Trolls’ dub is inspired by Jah Warrior, Iration Steppas, Bush Chemist, Vibronics, High Tone and Jahtari. ”Trees Fruits Vegetation” is Bass Trolls’ contribution to the urban underground sound system culture: sonic vegetation sprawling like wild weeds which can never be completely obliterated by those in Power. They draw upon Jamaican traditions where people have defied oppression by building their own sound systems to make their voices heard and create spaces for community and stardom beyond the reach of the State and the Market.

Bass Trolls also support vinyl culture within DJ culture. The Trees Fruit Vegetation EP is the third Bass Trolls vinyl release on Meerkat Recordings and contains four new tracks. In addition, Bass Trolls has contributed to the ”Nomads in Sound” compilation series on Meerkat Recordings.

Bass Trolls’ earlier releases have been played at Swedish National Radio (“Ström i P2,” 26 dec 2012) and covered in the music magazine Soundofmusic, Kristofer Andersson’s book ”DIY” (Modernista 2013) and in Dancecult, the international journal on Electronic Dance Music Culture (see link below). Their music has also been played at the Clandestino Festival in Göteborg as well as the Norberg Festival, Culture Night Stockholm and Museum Lunch Beat in Stockholm.

Bass Trolls is a DIY live-and studio band consisting of Aimnbreak (Peter Eriksson) and Gavana (Anna Gavanas). Both members come from a background as vinyl DJs and music producers. For the Bass Trolls project they play all instruments, program all synthesizers and do all analog mixing and mastering themselves. They also collaborate with a number of vocalists and MCs.

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Meerkat Recordings is dedicated to the power of BASS as a voice of the people and a platform to expand the horizons of Dub. Like Meerkats in the Kalahari desert we fiercely promote subversive dubs from underground headquarters constantly relocated in the world. 

"In many ways, Meerkat Recordings is Sweden's first modern record label for bass." Kristofer Andersson, DIY, Modernista 2013

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