Beauty department in SLOWFASHIONhouse

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 11, 2010 11:26 CET

Premiere for Bathroom at is now expanding its range of fashion and lifestyle products by the launch of Bathroom. The new department will offer a careful selection of luxurious, high quality beauty products. Behind the selection stands specialized beauty journalist Helle Forum who has more than two decades of extensive experience and a profound knowledge within the field of beauty. Helle has handpicked each and every product and series, ensuring that the products meet her high standards for both quality and sustainability.


Bathroom presents brands that offer more than just appealing packaging; here our audience will get the chance to shop other than the mainstream commercial brands. The selection of brands represents values that go beyond marketing, offering their users true quality for body and mind. “I have always been interested in the functions of the skin and ingredients that actually help to keep the skin healthy and fresh. It may sound trivial but for me it is essential that products have real benefits, it is not always that way,” said Helle Forum.


Among the selected brands is Honoré des Prés. The organic perfumes of Honoré des Prés were recently nominated in the category best grooming product in Wallpaper´s design award 2010.

Bathroom also presents one of Helle’s favourites, Kaeline. Kaeline is a highly efficient, organic and luxurious series based on the finest Moroccan argan oil. Our customers will also find EO’s renowned organic beauty products and Lavandal’s calming lavender skincare which offers relief to irritated or damaged skin. and Helle Forum invite you to experience its selection of slow beauty on January 11.

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SLOWFASHIONhouse was launched in August 2008 by Danish designer Rigetta Klint. The virtual department store links innovative designers, working as a meeting point for various contemporary cultural expressions. SLOWFASHIONhouse offers a global audience a careful selection of sustainable high-end fashion, design and lifestyle products in a unique atmosphere