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Best Presentation Award to Oricane, Luleå, Sweden

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 14, 2011 14:29 CET

Josefine Åhl, Director Marcom - Core Technologies, won the Best Presentation Award during the Tech Media Europe event in Porto, 2nd and 3rd of February 2011. 39 companies competed against each other for the prestigious title.

The selection process was based on the following categories:

Business potential: The potential market of customers for the presented product is attractive and the business model is strong
Team experience: Company team has skills and experience to grow the business and is able/willing to work with industry & research
Product/Technology merit: Technology or product solutions developed are state-of-the-art and well advanced compared to the competitors
Competitive position: The intellectual property of the company and its competences and strategic relations are outstanding
Investment or partnering interest: The demand/offer to invest in or partner with the company is well defined and potentially attractive for partners
Project profile quality: Information available from company profile sheet is complete, clear, balanced and convincing

For more information about the Tech Media Europe event, please visit:

Tech Media Europe

For more information about Oricane's Award Winning Presentation, please contact:

Josefine Åhl, Director
Marcom - Core Technologies

Dr. Mikael Sundström founded Oricane AB in November 2006 in Luleå, Sweden, after 11 years of computer science research. Today Oricane has 9 awarded patents on how to make software more efficient. Oricane Inc., Oricane's sales office, was founded in Phoenix, Arizona, during the spring of 2010 and CEO of Oricane Inc. is Roger Undhagen.

Oricane has a strong executive management team in place, with successful track-records of exceptional strategic, operating- and managerial skills in high-tech, high-growth companies, including seven start-ups. Combined with tactical implementation expertise, extensive international work experience across three continents with matching unparalleled R&D team capability, experience and domain expertise, this empowers the company with the key talent needed for success.