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Betagenon AB and iNovacia AB, hereby announce the signature of a significant collaborative agreement

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 15, 2008 11:23 CEST

Betagenon AB and iNovacia AB hereby announce an agreement to enter into a collaboration with the aim to rapidly and efficiently advance a novel and promising therapeutic identified at Betagenon.

iNovacia will support Betagenon, primarily by using its expert knowledge in lead optimization applying SAR driven Medicinal chemistry, physiochemical compound characterization and ADME profiling.

"We spent time and effort finding the right partner for our important discovery project. With the integrated services and the expertise available at iNovacia we are convinced we made the right selection of partner", Says Dr. Olof Karlsson, CEO of Betagenon. "Our discovery has been very successful and shows high promise, now we have a need to accelerate the time to clinic", continues Dr. Karlsson.

Dr. Thomas Olin, CEO of iNovacia commented, "At iNovacia we are proud to be chosen as drug discovery partner by Betagenon in such a key step of the project. It testified not only to the long experience and proven track record of our team, but to the level of responsiveness and efficiency we have been able to establish."

About iNovacia

iNovacia provides drug discovery services to translate targets into validated leads for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Enabled by a strong chemical library, unique applications of biophysical tools, and long-standing experience in drug discovery, iNovacia develops hits, from both fragment-based screening and conventional HTS with the company's own libraries, or with those provided by a customer, into drug leads. iNovacia scientists are experts in optimizing the probability of success in development establishing a qualified early SAR/pharmacophore model.

Furthermore, iNovacia offers expertise in characterization and pre-formulation of protein pharmaceuticals and develops software for electronic capturing and analysis of experimental data to enhance research output. For more information see