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Bingocluster becomes Aha World AB

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 13, 2013 09:00 CET

Sweden-based Bingocluster AB has since 2008, through its Maltese subsidiaries, operated the online bingo site ahaBingo, with popular Swedish celebs like Maria Montazami, Christer Sjögren and Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as bingo announcers. The site ahaBingo.com has been live since 2008 in Sweden and was launched in Norway and Denmark in 2009.

Bingocluster is now re-branding and refreshing its business. With a new name, launch of new products and the entering of new markets, Bingocluster AB has now transformed into Aha World AB.

The ambition is that all the company’s products and services shall deliver the “aha” experience, which also came to coin the new company name. Besides the new corporate website; ahaworld.se, launched on 12 December, steps have already been taken to expand the aha-experience to more product verticals than just bingo. Recently launched ahaCasino is now also part of the portfolio, aiming to be a serious contender in a heavily competitive market. However, ahaCasino plans to stand out and not just be another online casino. With a unique site design and innovative and different customer communication, ahaCasino will deliver a more personal and social gaming experience, just like ahaBingo does.

”Our strength is to always stand out in a very homogenous market, where design, offers and market communication are often identical or very similar. This is something we have successfully done in bingo and believe there is demand for something unique in casino as well”, says Goran Ristic, CEO of Aha World AB.

The company has also elected a new board, with many years of experience in online gaming and e-commerce, and with a top priority of challenging the online gaming industry as a whole by being different, but always maintaining customer focus and accessibility as its main guidelines.

Aha World AB will expand its product portfolio in new markets and also take position and compete for a share of the European mobile gaming market, where the company sees great potential for growth, not least outside of the Nordic countries.

”Prior to launching ahaCasino.com we chose to make the product mobile friendly from the start, as we saw how Swedish customers had already adapted to this new way of gaming in their everyday lives. But we are also working on getting our unique bingo into people’s mobile devices in the near future”, says Goran Ristic, CEO of Aha World AB.

About the aha group

Aha World AB is the parent company in a group focusing its business on online gaming and entertainment. The group’s products ahaBingo and ahaCasino are operated by Malta-based Aha Limited and its subsidiaries, under license from the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority, LGA. The aha group offers products and services within casual entertainment, with the goal of challenging its industry by standing out and daring to be different in everything it does.

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