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Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 23, 2013 22:39 CET

BINSTO is a new up-and-coming game development studio located in the University City of Uppsala, Sweden! The company was founded by a group of friends, all with different backgrounds but with one thing in common – the love for great video games!

Our team consists of six founding members as well as external investors and employees including programmers, graphic designers, composers and sound technicians. With years of expertise and knowledge, from both game development as well as entrepreneurship and the world of business, the company thrives to entertain the world.

We founded the company in 2011 and since than we have released several minor games. For the last six months we have been working on our major project that we are hopeful will become a hit, and therefore we would like to present Momo's Friendly Feud to You:

Momo's Friendly Feud or MFF for short is a fun and addictive, turn based game that is available on Android and iOS for Free!

Meet Momo – the central character of the game that bears his name! Momo lives on an island simply known as Momo's Island: a magical place where really cool things happen!

On his Island, Momo has created dozens of challenges, puzzles and minigames and players join his Island by creating a player account in MFF or by logging in via their Facebook accounts. Once an account has been created you can challenge other players in a game of MFF.

Each game of MFF is divided into rounds. In turn each round consists of 3 challenges. For every challenge you win, you gain a star and each star is worth one point. The player with the most stars at the end of the rounds wins the game! Simple as that!

· Turn based multiplayer fun

· Up to five players can compete against each other at once

· Close to a 100 challenges and counting

· Speed, survival and timer modes

· Tap, drag, tilt and swipe controls

·  Single player, story modes and much more coming up…

To see the trailer, screenshots and to find out more about MFF go to:

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Contact Binsto for a potential partnership or to realize a fantastic game. We are always eager to meet interesting people with thrilling ideas. 

Welcome to our world!