Bisnode has assigned Tolpagorni to assist in Product Management competence development

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 13, 2015 08:40 CET

Bisnode AB have assigned Tolpagorni Product Management AB to assist in further strengthening the product management function at Bisnode. A training program has been tailor made by Tolpagorni consultants after an initial assessment of the Bisnode product management function. A training program was designed and is now in delivery. The training is based on a combination of the ISPMA framework for international software product managers and best practise.

Bisnode have identified the product management function as key in the success to continue to develop world leading products and solutions. The Bisnode offer of leading solutions grows and changes rapidly over time. The technologies used in the delivery of the Bisnode information solutions are getting more and more complex over time and the renewal rate faster and faster demanding speedier decisions regarding investments made in product development and product strategies. This adds to the challenges and importance of the capacity and know-how in the product management function. Therefore Bisnode decided to further strengthen their capabilities of their product management function and asked Tolpagorni to provide a training program adapted to the Bisnode challenges.

Tolpagorni invest time and Resources in building know-how in the area of Product management complementing long term experience with theoretical studies to create leading competence building programs and concepts. Partnering with Blekinge Tekniska Högskola and Uppsala University in know-how building Projects. Also participating in SICS projects are key to create the fundament of theoretical models and concepts. The combination of hands-on experience from many years in the field and research ensure market leading expertise in the area of product management. is an organisation of European universities and practitioners with Tolpagorni as one of them creating and certifying product management training.

"We are pleased to have Tolpagorni help us strengthening our Product Management. The combination of a solid theoretical foundation and real-life cases fits us very well ", says Anders Borg, CPO at Bisnode.

"We are proud to have been selected as supplier of this ambitious training program assisting Bisnode to become even more successful!", says Magnus Billgren CEO and founder of Tolpagorni Product management.

Tolpagorni Product Management is a specialist Company in Product management. Our mission is to make our customers become more efficient in creating the right products. We help high technology companies within B2B as consultants as well as in the daily operation. Tolpagorni holds open trainings to build competence in product management as well as company specific trainings on site.

Tolpagorni is the initiator to the Product Leadership days and the Network for Product managers.