Bitte Kai Rand


Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 31, 2003 12:00 CEST

BITTE KAI RAND’s great attention to detail and quality never fails to surprise and inspire.

A new form of everyday elegance with cosy comfort, as well as designed styling in the spirit of active wear, together deliver the smooth moves of urban seduction, for the two themes of this season.

Complimentary contrasts play an important role. The handmade mixed with the technical. A great variety of fabrics and yarns form a collection of both cool and warm comfort to fit the climate of our times. A mix of hazytonal colours with touches of metallics-copper and brass.

Lightweight stretchy gabardine becomes the chicest tracksuit in town. Delicate wool with hand embroidery and fringes to soften. Velvety fabrics, beaded silk trims, ’wood-carving’ print on crushed fabric, exiting tumbled linen tweeds.

Knitwear to wrap around and cuttle up in, with patterns, structures, embroideries and decorative stitching. 'To Die For' outerwear and accessories complete the look of creative and original dressing.