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Blockhomes establish Crypto Nation near the Lake Tanganyika in Burundi, Africa

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 06, 2019 16:36 CET

The government of Burundi has allocated a piece of land in a scenic area just south of Bujumbura to the Swedish company Blockhomes. The Company presented an innovative and visionary housing project named “Crypto Nation” created as a self-sustainable business hub and ecological village based on blockchain economics located at the shore of Lake Tanganyika.

This first village named Crypto Nation Tanganyika includes miles of beach and a vast area for plots all with stunning views reaching all over the lake to the foggy mountains of Congo.

General Director of Urban Planning and Housing Bujumbura has endorsed the project that will be incorporate in the master plan of Bujunmura as the project is very interesting for Burundi. It will not only be a beautiful and inspiring part of the city, but it will also attract quality tourists from all over the world. The COO of Blockhomes Peter Rinaldo and his Burundian team are now developing the project into the building phase. As a former investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker, specialized in war and genocide, Peter Rinaldo has a long experience of the area that was an important prerequisite for the decision made by the Burundian government.

- I think this is a turning point for Burundi. Now the nation has endured a long lasting peace and stability and is now ready for the future. This innovative new concept for a sustainable future might be the short cut to the future for both Burundi and its investors, Director General of Urban Planning and Housing mrs Emmerence Ntahonkuriye. 

The power sources available at the allocated are are wind and solar, which will easily supply the power needed for a self-sustained and emission free village of permanent and vacation homes. The project will create new opportunities for a business hub never seen before and has also inspired the tourism industry in Burundi to develop its potential for quality tourism.

- Our Company Blockhomes has received a lot of positive attention here in Burundi as a valuable partner in developing both energy, housing and quality tourism. The Crypto Nation project is just the beginning, through Blockhomes blockchain based smart contracts these vacation homes will soon be offered to both local and foreign investors. For investors that prefers natural forests Blockhomes will launch its second Crypto Nation in Kibira Natural Forest later this year, says Oliver Donovan, CEO Blockhomes.

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