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Blockhomes plan to build affordable housing in Burundi

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 18, 2019 17:59 CET

Civil servants in Burundi often change region and therefore they rather rent a place to live than buy one. But the housing situation in Burundi lack the sector of affordable apartments for rent, so the Minister of Housing in Burundi has now offered the Swedish company Blockhomes to build affordable living for public servants in all provinces.

Historically during the last century Burundi has suffered from dictatorships with all challenges connected to that. But by the end of the century Burundi finally got peace and the democratic system was built up and now starting to be established and creating new needs for example housing.

The civil servants that are serving the civil population and who are an important part of the administrative platform have increased in number, so the government want to support them with affordable housing. Since Blockhomes is specialized in affordable living the Swedish company has now been asked to facilitate the building process.

- As affordable living in Africa need to be developed it is a very interesting project for us. We are now studying the details of the offer and will thereafter proceed with the feasibility study, says Peter Rinaldo, COO Blockhomes

Blockhomes AB has announced its initial stock offering on RaiseReach.com, a leading crowd funding platform based out of Stockholm, Sweden and the offering has created a lot of interest given the popularity of blockchain technology and the hot real estate market locally.