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BLOW! and Orrefors provides light to 200 people in Nairobi, Kenya in a cooperation with HiNation

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 13, 2012 16:05 CEST

This Saturday, craft group BLOW! and Orrefors conducted a glass auction at Orrefors Glassworks. All proceeds will through partner HiNation be converted into solar lamps to support the members of the organization MUST in Mathare Valley, an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya. This means significantly improved living conditions for over 200 people in Mathare.

- "It's great that our passion for glass and crafts can be turned into light for those who really need it," said Markus Emilsson, a member of BLOW.

BLOW auctioned off the complete exhibition "Inspired By You", and Orrefors contributed with art glass from Lars Hellsten’s time at Orrefors glassworks. Not only did the purchasers at the auction on Saturday play an important role; the exhibition "Inspired By You" was created with inspiration from visitors meeting the craft group BLOW at the furnace during the summer. Together, their support will now provide 42 families, about 200 people, in Mathare Valley with access to solar lamps in their homes.

- "To create an opportunity for so many, and in such an enjoyable way like this, contribute to something that really makes a difference to people's lives is just overwhelming," says BLOW's members.

In Mathare, the 42 solar lamps will give more than 200 people a better life. Reports show that in homes with access to solar lamps or electric lights, the kids are studying on average of 2 extra hours per day and perform better in school. Averaging three children per family means Saturday's auction could provide about 250 hours of extra studying time – per day! Light also means a safer and more secure existence. A major problem in informal settlements is kerosene-related injuries, as kerosene is the most commonly used alternative to provide light.

BLOW wishes to thank all who contributed to the success, and especially Orrefors who participated and sponsored the auction.

Contact: Linda Krondahl, linda.krondahl@hination.se, +46-707 949280   

BLOW! is the craft group dedicated to creating a meeting place for crafts, glass and art that feels relaxed and accessible to anyone. During the summer, BLOW hosted the Orrefors glassworks where they provided opportunities for visitors to try glassblowing craft and experience glass art in various exhibitions.

On July 28th, BLOW held a vernissage of the exhibition "Inspired By You", an exhibition created together with the visitors. The result was a glassy visualization of the visitors' thoughts and ideas with variation in both technique, expression and content. This exhibit was included in the charity auction "For a brighter world."

BLOW! consists of Julie Kausland, Hanna Hansdotter and Mark Emilsson, all trained at Kosta Glass Center and the National School of Glass in Orrefors.

HiNation AB is a Swedish company developing small, robust solar products of high quality. The company was founded in 2008 and launched the 2010 'HiLight' by HiNation. By joining user needs and high quality components, HiNation combines environmental friendliness with ease of use and durability.

HiLight is small, portable, compact solar product that provides 20 hours of bright light or up to 10 mobile phone charges after one day in the sun. The company focuses on emerging markets, mainly in Africa and Asia, where the majority still lives without electricity. Today, HiLight is used both by maasai tribes in northern Tanzania, and by Save the Children staff working in the field. HiNation has, with its clear focus on environmental awareness and poverty reduction in emerging markets, been awarded support from the Swedish Innovation Agency, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, and SIDA.

HiNation came in contact with 'MUST' early spring 2011 through a study conducted by two students at KTH. MUST is a relief organization in Mathare Valley, an informal settlement on the outskirts of Nairobi, working to support women and children. HiLight was tested by the members to see if and how it could improve their everyday lives. The study showed good results as the families got both light in the home, and opportunities for increased income.

Through support from BLOW! and Orrefors, members of MUST will get access to HiLights and significantly improve their everyday lives. Thanks to close contact with MUST, we will be able to get a good traceability, feedback and photos from the use of the HiLights that BLOW! and Orrefors customers have contributed with.

HiNation® was founded in 2008 by Linda Krondahl, M.Sc. Chemical Engineering and Technology Management. HiNation cooperates with external expertise, organisations and universities for product development, manufacturing and sales. Our mission is to provide the best solar powered products to people around the globe, focusing on two markets - Outdoor users www.hination.com and Off-grid users www.hination.org.

Today 1,7 billion people, about 25% of the world's population, lack access to electricity. Instead, they get light from open fires, kerosene lamps or battery flash lights. The result is unhealthy emissions, affecting the health of people locally and the environment globally, but also the risk related to fires in areas where water often is a scarce resource. With HiNation's portable solar panel HiLight they can produce their own energy for durable lighting and charging cell phones and other portable device.