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Brainwash, the new summer release from Wonfri Six!

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 30, 2012 10:32 CEST

Sweden is not only a big producer of exceptional clothing, furniture, liquor and other design items; it is also a big producer of music. The artist duo, Wonfri Six is another proof of that. Given their experience in producing music for other artists and groups, Stefan Forslund and Billy Blomqvist soon started their own group, Wonfri Six. Their music is all about capturing the energy of the crowd, and producing “big room sound” productions. Wonfri Six has the ambition not to restrict their creativity by choosing a specific niche in
the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene. Wonfri Six has one primary goal, to make high quality productions and fantastic live shows for their fans.

“You’re not supposed to hear the music, you’re supposed to feel it.” – Wonfri Six

Represented by DB&DB Group, Wonfri Six are today releaseing their new track, Brainwash. With this track they hope to hit the big festivals during the 4th quarter of 2012. "After six months of hard work and late nights in the studio, we feel that Wonfri Six are readier than ever to embrace their fans and perform live!" - DB&DB Group

With previous releases this year such as Feel the Fire (featuring Sean Declase) and Feel for You (featuring André Leckremo) the Swedish house duo Wonfri Six is following up with this progressive house single. The tune will be released today as a free download on their official Soundcloud. With a melodic chord, buzzing chainsaws, and a heavy bass punch, Brainwash is set to conquer the clubs during the never ending summer nights!

Brainwash on Soundcloud

Official Site
Wonfri Six on Soundcloud
Wonfri Six on Facebook

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