Brandy Kraft Contemporary Realist Art

Brandy Kraft presents A Midsummer Night's Dream Vernissage at Scandic Malmen

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 04, 2018 21:06 CET

Contact: Brandy Kraft

Phone: +46 72 181 14 66


Vernissage at Scandic Malmen April 5 17:30-19:30 

Brandy Kraft presents a new series of oil paintings at the cocktail bar of Scandic Malmen, April 5th from 17:30-19:30. The paintings will be on display from April through June. 

Kraft explains, "In my new midsummer hybrid wildflowers series I dive into the world of Swedish folklore and draw upon one traditional midsummer folk myth in particular. As custom goes, on midsummer young girls are told to pick seven different wildflowers and put them underneath their pillow. That night it is said that they will dream of whom they will marry."

"Throughout the series I explore the notions of tradition by setting them in a modern day context. The series touches on themes of tradition and sexuality. New hybrid wildflowers are constructed from 7 different species of wild flora that can be found in bloom in Sweden at the time of midsummer. I physically “marry” the different petals into a completely new, dreamy hybrid wildflower," says Kraft.

Eight intricate oil paintings on the delicate ground of paper will beautifully display the results of her exploration into a unique folkloric realm.

Brandy Kraft is an American artist living and working in Stockholm. She currently engaged in a photo realistic oil series that explores the intriguing and extensive range of human individuality.  As a part of her painting process she “invents” new species of flowers that otherwise exist only in her imagination. The artist lives on södermalm with her husband and two young children. She has a studio at Platform on Liljeholmen.