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Bring Your Own Device on a small scale

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 04, 2012 09:37 CEST

Creating BYOD for the little Guy

The Nordic Edge approach to strong authentication is to develop solutions that secure login and authenticate identity in any IT environment. That philosophy has generated collaborations with some of
the largest enterprises in Europe. It can also bring strong authentication solutions normally reserved for enterprises to small and mid-sized companies. That’s what we do through our partnership with AceIQ. An IT consulting firm based in Kristianstad in Sweden, AceIQ offers mobile IT solutions with a Citrix platform and Nordic Edge security. Called Kontoret på fickan – Pocket Office in English – the AceIQ product is exactly that – an office in your pocket. It is a Bring Your Own Device-solution that brings the mobile office solutions to small and mid- sized companies in the Nordic countries. “Access is a competition factor today,” says Håkan Andersson, AceIQ CEO. “We offer that in a cost-efficient and secure package.” 

Nordic Edge secures the Possibilities

The Nordic Edge One Time Password
(OTP) Server ensures that the Kontoret på fickan-solution lives up to the high security standards necessary in today’s business world. The OTP Server achieves two-factor authentication in any IT environment and through any delivery method the client chooses. First, the user logs in, using the regular username and password. Then, a one-time password is sent to the user, adding the second layer of authentication. The password is typically sent to the user’s mobile phone, but it can also be sent via e-mail, Skype, or even hardware tokens. If the client wants a two-factor authentication solution independent of the Internet or phone connection, Nordic Edge offers Pledge. It is an application that generates the one-time passwords in the device. No connection is required. 

Bring any device to Citrix

Kontoret på fickan is built on a Citrix platform. Through it, users can access any application they choose to have there. All applications are hosted and managed by AceIQ.

“Small and mid-sized companies often don’t have the knowledge, the resources or the time to properly manage their IT environment,” Andersson says. “So we do it for them.”
The Citrix’s platform is a virtual desktop infrastructure that produces images of the applications to the user. Nothing is stored on the user’s device – all is stored on servers hosted by AceIQ. This makes Kontoret på fickan the ultimate Bring Your Own Device-solution for small and mid-sized companies.
“The BYOD aspect enables each user to be more efficient and focus on what each 
user is best at,” Andersson says. Kontoret på fickan opens up new BYOD possibilities of flexibility and availability that have been reserved for enterprise corporations before. With Kontoret på fickan, any corporation, regardless of size, can offer the flexibility and availability that both employees and clients demand today. 

“Kontoret på fickan has given me the freedom and security to work in all the corners and edges of the world,” says Liliana Jörstad consultant with LTM Solutions. “I can offer my customers the same service wherever I am. This weekend, I had time to play with my grandchildren because I had the possibility to work from home. I have become addicted to Kontoret på fickan for life.”

AceIQ also brings unique expertise to its clients, says Gisela Horndahl, Business Development Manager at Nordic Edge. “It’s an honor to work with one of Citrix’s Gold Partners in Sweden. They bring stellar service to their clients and they always make sure the solutions are top of the line.” 

Nordic Edge – kompromisslös säkerhet

Nordic Edge utvecklar de senaste lösningarna inom säker åtkomst och identitetshantering. Nordic Edges filosofi är att erbjuda mjukvarulösningar som höjer säkerheten utan att kompromissa med användarvänligheten. Bland produkterna märks Password Self Service, OTP Server, Opacus och en rad provisionerings- och federationslösningar. Alla våra produkter plattformsoberoende, bygger på öppna standarder och är enkla att integrera med befintlig infrastruktur. Detta i kombination med omfattande erfarenhet inom användar- och behörighetsadministration gör Nordic Edges erbjudande till en komplett lösning för skydd och administration av affärssystem.
Nordic Edge är ett dotterbolag till Intel. Huvudkontoret ligger i Stockholm. Gå till för mer information.