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Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 12, 2005 10:05 CEST

Addressing the rapidly growing market for 4G Fibre Channel ports and the pent up demand for 4G Fibre Channel SAN extension solutions, Brocade and Transmode have demonstrated native 4G Fibre channel over WDM.

The demonstration at Brocade’s UK test laboratory connected Brocade Silkworm 4100 switches with 4G Fibre Channel interfaces over a Transmode WDM system using 40 km 4 Gbit/s SFP pluggable optics. The testing proved the viability of the solution and is understood to be the first interoperability test to use native 4G Fibre Channel directly over a WDM wavelength using 4G SFP WDM pluggable optics in addition to the widely available short reach client side 4G Fibre Channel SFPs.

“This is a significant milestone for the ever increasing deployments of 4G Fibre Channel solutions,” said Paul Griffiths, Technical Marketing Manager at Brocade. “4G Fibre Channel has significant advantages over both 2G and 10G Fibre Channel but the lack of WDM solutions has previously limited deployments. The success of this demonstration shows we can start to extend these deployments with native 4G Fibre Channel over WDM.”

A number of recent analyst reports have highlighted the rapid growth of 4G Fibre Channel deployments with port sales rising from approximately 1 in 50 in 2004 to 1 in 3 in 2005 and 2 in 3 in 2006-2007. This growth is generated by the 4G Fibre Channel port costs that are only a small premium over 2G Fibre Channel representing a significant improvement in cost per bit. In addition 4G Fibre Channel achieves lower restrictions than 10G Fibre channel in terms of credit buffer requirements and the corresponding throughput/distance performance and lower cost optical transport when compared to multiplexed 10G solutions.

“Transmode’s strengths in plug and play WDM solutions is further enhanced by this demonstration,” said Dirk Lutz, Director of Business Development at Transmode. “Storage Area Networking for both enterprises and service providers is a rapidly growing market and contributes considerably to our overall sales. At Transmode we are committed to continuing our tradition of pioneering research and development and are pleased to be able to demonstrate a new technology that will bring great advantages to the SAN extension market.”

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Brocade delivers the industry's leading platforms and solutions for intelligently connecting, managing, and optimizing IT resources in shared storage environments. The world's premier systems, server, and storage providers offer the Brocade SilkWorm family of fabric switches and software as the foundation for SAN solutions in organizations of all sizes. In addition, the Brocade Tapestry family of application infrastructure solutions extends the ability to proactively manage and optimize application and information resources across the enterprise. Using Brocade solutions, organizations are better positioned to reduce cost, manage complexity and satisfy business compliance requirements through optimized use and management of their application infrastructures. For more information, visit the Brocade Web site at or contact the company at

About Transmode
Transmode is a Pioneer in Optical Networking. Innovations such as intelligent WDM (iWDM), which dramatically lowers operational cost, and unamplified DWDM, which reduces network CAPEX and complexity, have contributed to success at a global level, with a customer base of more than 100 network operators, service providers, enterprises and public institutions across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Transmode is the only company with the full spectrum of Optical Networking solutions based on WDM, designed to cater for the needs of Network Operators and Enterprises alike without compromising on functionality or cost-efficiency. Transmode’s product portfolio addresses Optical Networking requirements from regional networks, through metro core and access networks, all the way down to the customer premises

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