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Brott, straff och etik

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 28, 2010 17:09 CEST


The application of the same rules to all citizens without discrimination due to race and religion is thought to promote the peace and prosperity of a country. Football is a model of productivity and morale. The mathematics of morale are defined and applied to tobacco, snus, spirits, arms trading, re-introduction of wild wolves, indigenous people, Swedes and Israelis (“Crime and punishment – a fair basis of a well-do society”, Health, vol 30, The Rondel). All penalties should be as mild as to promote productivity and reduce benefits of crime. Hypocrisy is in general contraproductive. A main working hypothesis is that human hybrids are as valuable as the clans, who pretend to be indigenous people (aborigines). A corollary of this hypothesis is that every individual citizen should have a fair share of the productivity of his nation (rearing, education, jobs, and health care). Law is life!


Bo Norberg, editor

Rondellen/The Rondel