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Built-news, AWARD, "The Female Designer of the Year 2015 – Global"

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 08, 2015 10:24 CET

CINEARCHITECTURE with the founder Agneta Kickan Eriksson Hilden architect SAR/MSA is based in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden. It is international architects Studio who work multidiciplinary where art, books are always a part of the architectural design and construction.

Agneta Kickan Eriksson Hilden, founder, also work as an artist has exhibitions of her art in New York London, Lisbon

She says herself about her ARTSTUDY LA Modulor:

"I work with my ARTSTUDY, LA Modulor, by exploring not only measure, grammar of architecture expressed by a woman but also spiritual expression that shadow, emotions and background. I have worked with this ARTSTUDY since I was living in Paris in the mid-eighties and studied at the Swedish Institute, le Centre Culturel suédois in the now refurbished the Marais quarter. The study was inspired by the French architect Le Corbusier (1887-1965) study LE Modulor, the dimensions in architecture from a male standpoint.

To bring the society forward is a desire and a necessity. "

She has published several acclaimed books, "VILLA SPIES", the Round House at Torö as Simon Spies built and "Bengt Edman, complete works" the Swedish brutalist and others. The Studio represents many innovative ideas, projects over 20 years. With this international award from the English magazine Built-news AWARD, "The female designer of the Year 2015 – Global" has creativity from a female point of view attracted creative thinking, to explore the world, the curiosity of what lies behind the surface and also a sensitivity with equally strong force. CINEARCHITECTURE has over the years had many cooperations in large and small projects. Experienced skills and giving trusts. To keep time and budget is clear and strong commitment in each customer providing innovative results. The Studio starts new partnership to create a safer world for people in different countries, a good life and beautiful and good architecture to surround themselves with.