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Bxxlght Launches a LED Neon Collection

Pressmeddelande   •   Maj 18, 2016 16:39 CEST

A bold new way of self expression.

Bxxlght launches an exclusive new line of LED neon light art!

Words are the source of meaning. Bxxlght’s LED neon collection focuses on the simplicity of strong communication with a few bold words, Amour, Fantasy and Imagine. Love, dreams and aspirations are reoccurring themes found in Bxxlght’s designs and the reason behind the selected words.

Bxxlght aims to inspire with strong statements and meanings and to a create product that integrates the customer in the design process. The words are changeable and can be switched out for new words as the collection develops. The LED neon words are attached to a plexiglass centerpiece and slide into the center of the larger plexiglass box.

With sustainability in mind, Bxxlghts’s LED neon lights have a low impact on the environment. Bxxlght hopes to create pieces that are not only long lasting, but to invite the customer to create their own personal piece to give the lights a deeper meaning and keep it interesting for years to come. 


We are light designers, creating high end plexiglass light boxes and neon art. Bxxlght fuses together interior design and personality.


Our lights allows you to speak your mind and change it whenever you need to in roder to create your own statement piece.


Our lamps are not only a product of design, but also function as a piece of art. For each season we will let an artist interpret a lightbox,
which will be available as a limited edition.

With 1 million words in the english alphabet, the possibilities are endless.
Say what you need to say.