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Call and surf abroad almost for free with MobiTrotter’s new app

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 02, 2014 16:05 CEST

The Swedish mobile app MobiTrotter caters to travelers who are tired of over-priced mobile telephony. By using MobiTrotter the cost for international calls are reduced significantly, both abroad and at home. With the app you can make- and receive calls with full coverage in the country you are visiting. The app also enables mobile surf abroad at low local prices. The price reduction is substantial and the rates are much lower compared to traditional operators, especially outside the EU. For several of the major travel destinations you can save as much as up to between 90-95%.

MobiTrotter is the only communications app designed especially for travelers. A major advantage of MobiTrotter is that you are reachable at your usual number, with GSM quality, at a fraction of traditional operator’s prices. The app is available to download for free via AppStore and Google Play.

"We believe the market is mature and that our service will be a natural complement for many travelers. The smartphone penetration is high enough and the smartphone owners are familiar with the usage of apps." says Peter Bjurström, one of the two founders.

Recently MobiTrotter opened up an opportunity for investors to co-invest in the company together with the crowdfunding company FundedByMe and the Finnish investment company Frontier toraise capital for further development and international expantion. Invitation to the co-investment opportunity

"Crowdfunding is a simple and very efficient way to raise capital and we think it's great that MobiTrotter chose us," says Daniel Daboczy, CEO and co-founder of FundedByMe.

For further information, please contact:

Peter Bjurström, COO/CMD 
Mobil: +46 (0)70 357735 
Epost: peter.bjurstrom@mobitrotter.com

Jan Larsson, CEO
Mobil: +46705094502
Epost: jan.larsson@mobitrotter.com

About MobiTrotter

MobiTrotter is operated by LNC global mobile AB (LNC) located in Årsta in the southern part of Stockholm, Sweden.

LNC’s staff all have a solid experience in mobile telephony, IP telephony and the telecommunications industry. The company has a small and flexible organization making them fast and very cost effective compared to traditional actors in the market.

LNC also operates LandNCall, offering simcard solutions for travelers to Thailand, Spain and Mexico. LandNCall's services can be used even without a Smartphone. LandNCall was first to offer Voip linked to local simcards. LandNCall AB was founded in 2009 and the company was acquired and owned by Alltele, listed on the Swedish stock exchange OMX Smallcaps, between 2010-2012.

Now, LNC have adapted the technology for mobile applications where the smartphone market as the market has become mature. 80-90% of our market segments is using smartphones today. LNC’s goal is to offer the smartest and easiest solution to be mobile abroad and be able to make international calls and surf at the lowest possible prices. LNC Global Mobile Ltd was established in 2013-03.