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Car dealers can now keep vehicles protected with unique product

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Car dealers can now keep vehicles protected with unique product

Swedish anti-theft invention for wheels, Rimgard, launch product exclusively for car dealers

FEBRUARY, 2017 – Rimgard, a Swedish anti-theft device that locks your car’s wheels, launch a product specifically designed for car dealerships.Car dealers often have too many demo cars to keep safely inside and they end up in an outside area with just a fence to keep predators away. Rimgard, who’s original product is tailored to private cars, developed a version for car traders when discovering the high amounts of attacks on dealerships where thieves could get away with over 50 rims and wheels in single raids. The key feature is the device’s bright orange color and reflective qualities. The wheels and car are therefore easily identifiable by police, potential witnesses and bystanders, and customs.

The wheel lock is available in kits of 12, 24, or more and are rented monthly. For convenience, the locks can all be accessed with one key, eliminating the hassle of having multiple keys and having to pair the keys with locks. From March 2017 dealerships can order desired amount of kits from Rimgard to keep their merchandise protect from predators.

“It’s a devastating and heartbreaking, seeing your car supported up by bricks and severely damaged from the vulgar theft,” says Lars Ivarsson, inventor of Rimgard. “When it happened to me for the third time I knew I had to do something. I hope to see my invention help many dealerships from attacks, damage, theft, and the financial bourdon that comes with repairing the cars.”

Traders in Europe as well as the rest of the world are facing a growing problem with these brazen thefts. Dealerships in both Europe and the United States have become victims of grand thefts leaving them with over 50 damaged cars in single raids.

About Rimgard

Rimgard was founded based on a invention by Swedish entrepreneur Lars Ivarsson. For the third time in his life Lars had gotten his wheel and rims stolen leaving a ruined car behind and so he decided it was time for a solution to this worldwide issue. Rimgard is an anti-theft device that is locked into the wheel whilst not changing the look or function of the wheel. Branded options are available, as well as a 24k gold one. For more information on Rimgard please visit www.rimgard.com or send an email to info@rimgard.com