CARD.COOP welcomes “Global Action Plan International” as a member of the CARD.COOP Web Campus

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 22, 2013 17:31 CET

CARD.COOP welcomes Global Action Plan International (GAP) as a member of the CARD.COOP Web Campus. As a global network of organizations, GAP, has looked for ways to teach, learn and connect independently of where one is on the globe. The CARD.COOP Web Campus meets this need allowing GAP to go online with courses, training and coaching, webinars, lecture series, etc.

GAP launches its first online program to consultants

Alexander Mehlmann of GAP: “With the CARD.COOP Web Campus we can now go online easily serving our members around the globe! The first course we start out with is the Professional Development Program stretching over one year. It leads to accreditation of consultants to deliver the Employee Engagement Program (EEP) to clients. EEP has been designed and developed by GAP International and targets senior management in organizations with sustainability ambitions.”

The cooperative advantage

“We appreciate that the cooperative's profitability is not its ultimate goal; it is a means to help it achieve its true goal, which is to continuously strive to serve members, and that is why profits are reinvested into making the web campus even better becoming a real waterhole for us in ‘the Sustainability Trade’ to expose our offers for further dissemination to sustainability practitioners and students.” - says Alexander Mehlmann, GAP.

About Global Action Plan International

GAP is a network of organizations working for a common goal: empowering people to live and work increasingly sustainably. Member organisations are at the forefront of Education for Sustainable Development and related programs for sustainable behaviour change, including 'carbon neutral' households, communities and work places. Together, they are ’creating a climate for change’ in many countries. For more information, visit:


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