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Catalyst Sweden AB and AIESEC Sweden announces strategic partnership for the creation of an executive mentor program for young emerging leaders in Sweden.

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 11, 2012 16:24 CEST

Many of today’s leaders in government, academia and industry, in Sweden and globally, have had some of their early, important experiences thanks to the international AIESEC organization. The ambition with the Catalyst-AIESEC partnership is to accelerate the development and growth of future generations of leaders in Sweden. By participating as mentors, AIESEC Alumni and other members in Catalyst network will get the chance to contribute in this development.

Commenting on the partnership, Damir Cosic, President of AIESEC Sweden, said:

"It is a pleasure and honor for me to take part in this partnership. AIESEC is an organization whose purpose and ambition is to develop positive young leaders for the future. I see this relationship with Catalyst as a perfect match. I strongly believe that the partnership will significantly support the leadership development of the young leaders who are a part of my organization. I am excited to start this collaboration and to see the impact of knowledge and experience the mentors from Catalyst will bring to the talented and passionate young people who are a part of AIESEC in Sweden."

Johan Tysklind, Managing Partner, Catalyst Sweden AB:

“As a former very active member of the AIESEC organization and Congress Committee President of the 1998 International Congress in Stockholm and Helsinki (with over 2000 participants from 85 countries) I am very happy to be able to contribute to this initiative. I am also happy to see that so many of our experienced Catalyst members and AIESEC alumni want to share their knowledge and experience with AIESEC’s present active members.”


As the world’s largest student organization AIESEC has for the last 64 years provided a platform for young students to explore and develop their leadership potential. Today AIESEC has more than 80 000 active members spread over 1700 universities in 113 countries and over a million alumni. AIESEC provides the platform for young students to explore and develop their leadership potential through our experiential leadership development programs that consist of practical leadership experience roles and a global internship program.

About Catalyst Sweden AB:

Catalyst is one of the leading interim management firms in Scandinavia with access to a network of more than 3500 well established and successful executives spread over Sweden and the rest of the region. These executives are engaged in work as board members, industry experts and interim managers on both ”for profit” and pro bono-basis. For more information about Catalyst, please visit

For further information and comments, please contact

Johan Tysklind, Managing Partner, Catalyst Sweden AB
Stureplan 4C, 4 tr
114 35 Stockholm
Phone: +46(0)709 520 353

Damir Cosic, President, AIESEC Sweden
Tegelviksgatan 40
116 41 Stockholm
+46 (0) 70 09-78-532

Catalyst baseras på ett stort nätverk av mycket seniora och framgångsrika befattningshavare i Norden. Dessa verkar som styrelsemedlemmar, industriexperter och interimspersoner både ”for profit” och på Probono-basis. Affärsområdena är DealFlow, Rekrytering och Pro bono. Se mer på vår hemsida: Huvudsakliga kunder på ”for profit”-delen är Riskkapital och VC-bolag (svenska och internationella), corporate finance-aktörer, high-tech och entreprenörsdrivna bolag.

Catalyst bygger också en internationell allians av Interimsfirmor som täcker de största länderna i Europa, Amerika och Asien. Dessa skall serva Europeiska företag som sätter upp verksamhet i Bric-länderna samt investeringar ”In-bound och Out-bound”.