Cefour Wine & Beverage AB (publ)

Cefour Wine & Beverage is admitted to GXG First Quote

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 13, 2013 13:45 CEST

The Directors of Cefour Wine & Beverage are pleased to announce that Cefour Wine & Beverage has been admitted to the GXG First Quote. First day of trading will be on the 14th of June 2013.

Cefour is ready to take off and reach substantial volumes on the global market. At this stage Cefour needs to enable the potential growth and at the same time the company wants to spread the shareholding further on the European market, in order to increase visibility and awareness of the Easy Wine Glass brand. One strategy to achieve this is to quote the company on the European market place GXG First Quote.

The Directors look forward to updating the market with future trading statements in due course.

“It´s an honor to be the first Swedish company quoted on the marketplace GXG First Quote, and this is also a very important step to put more attention on the company and its brand on the European market” says Chairman of the board, Mats Krönlein.

"I am pleased that Cefour has decided to dual list its shares on our European stock exchange GXG Markets. It’s also pleasing for us to admit the first crowdfunded company on our First Quote segment. I believe that the increased visibility and the European shareholder base will help Cefour in their future expansion" - says Peter Almberg, CEO, GXG Global Exchange Group AB.

GXG Global Exchange Group AB is owner of GXG Markets (www.gxgmarkets.com), an exchange operator focusing on European small and medium sized enterprises. GXG Markets operates an European regulated market and two Multilateral Trading Facilities (MTF) in accordance with the MiFID legislation, under the supervision of the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet).

For more information please contact:

Mats Krönlein, Chairman
mats@cefourwine.com. Phone: +46 (0) 709 – 32 50 06

Cefours affärsidé är att producera, sälja och distribuera vin som tappats på attraktiva, praktiska och drickfärdiga engångsglas av återvinningsbar plast. Sedan produktionsstarten 2010 har Cefour utvecklat en avancerad och unik produktionsteknik, där företaget äger hela processen i tillverkningen. Detta innebär att vi själva köper in viner och råmaterial för tillverkning av produkterna – och helt i egen regi – framställer hela förpackningen samt tappar och försluter glasen.