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Celebrations of Mardi Gras in the Czech Republic are going to mesmerize you

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 18, 2012 09:23 CET

Masopust (Mardi Gras), fašank or carnival – these are names for one event: exuberant celebrations inspired by the carnival in Venice and local folklore traditions. In the past, the main objective was to have fun and eat well before never-ending Lent, which lasted for 30 days. However, this is not very typical currently but fun and feasting have survived until nowadays.

Mardi Gras is the period beginning on Epiphany and ending on Ash Wednesday.  It culminates before Easter when doughnuts, “mercies of God” (sweet pastry), sausages, bacon, spirits and wine should not be missing from your table. Pig-slaughtering is quite common as well and you are cordially invited to taste the delicious food.

Shrovetide processions in the Hlinecko area have been on the UNESCO  List of Intangible Heritage since 2010. The main characters of Shrove Tuesday are Turks, a wife, straw people, a knacker with a mare, chimney sweepers and a bear. They set off on a journey to the villages of Vortová, Studnice (9th February 2013), Hamry and Blatno in Hlinecko every year in February. You can see a permanent exhibition of Shrove Tuesday masks from the Hlinecko area in the open air museum called Veselý Kopec. Shrove Tuesday is going to take place on 12th February of this coming year.

You can see a Shrovetide procession in Lednice on the 2nd of February and you can taste traditional food from pig-slaughtering, Moravian cakes, plum brandy and local wine. You are also invited to Hustopeče one week later. Shrove Tuesday in Hustopeče is traditionally a charity event; you can donate any amount of money and get a soup, buy a glass or actively participate in the auction of wines from local winemakers.

Bohemian Carnevale inspired by historic spectacular allegorical festivals takes place from 1st to 12th February 2013 in Prague. It traditionally occupies numerous public spaces, palaces, museums, galleries, theatres, schools, workshops, restaurants and shops. It is a showcase of excellent ideas, unique abilities and non-traditional tastes.

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