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Champion launches a brand new Pink collection 2014

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 30, 2014 15:15 CEST

Champion continues to support cancer research for the ninth consecutive year.

Champion has a contract with BRO/Breast Cancer Foundation for Pink October campaign 2014.
This year's Champion has designed and manufactured a brand new Pink collection to support Breast Cancer Fund fundraiser.

"Every year around 8,000 women in Sweden are diagnosed with breast cancer and about 1,500 die each year."

- We are very grateful to be able to make this important contribution again in addition to a brand new and expanded custom designed collection. Breast cancer research must continue and we at Champion want to help it do that. If our contribution can give hope to people who are diagnosed with breast cancer and their families, we have succeeded,
says Ralph Mühlrad, Managing Director of Champion Northern Europe.

Champion is a market leader in sports apparel and even sports bra in Sweden, and therefore it feels right for Champion to contribute to the fight against breast cancer.

- Research show that physical activity can reduce the risk of getting breast cancer and can reduce the risk of it recurring. It is therefore natural to collaborate with a company in the sporting industry as it is important to promote a healthy life-style, explains Elizabeth Bergsten Nordström, President of the Swedish Breast Cancer Association

Champions Pink products are sold in all XXL stores in Sweden, all Accent stores, NK Sport & Fritid, as well as selected Team Sportia stores including PUB department store in Stockholm.

The companies donate together 20 percent of the sales value of these products to the Breast Cancer Fund. Pink October campaign begins October 1st , 2014.

For more information, contact:
Ralph Mühlrad, Managing Director, Champion, phone +46 8-742 02 00 or +46 70-570 35 20, email:

Elizabeth Bergsten Nordstrom, President of Breast Cancer Unions National Organization - BRO, telephone +46 70-288 49 39, email:

Facts about the brand Champion and Champion Northern Europe

The brand Champion is one of the world's oldest sports brands, founded in the USA as early 1919th
Champion Northern Europe produces sportswear, sports shoes and accessories of high quality
and sells its products to retailers throughout the Nordic region.

Champion Northern Europe in the Group Champion Europe, which owns the brand Champion in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Facts about bridge and Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast cancer Unions National Organisation, BRO, has over 11 500 members. 33 local breast cancer associations are connected to the bridge and those operating in the country.

Breast Cancer Foundation is dedicated for those who have been treated for breast cancer. It is administered by the Breast Cancer Unions National Organization - BRO, and the organization has a 90-account which means that it is under the control of the Swedish Fundraising Control. 90-account is called Breast Cancer Foundation.