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ChaseXL Newsletter October 2012

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 31, 2012 19:52 CET

How do you develop your sourcing organization's competence continually? This is a hot topic for many companies and companies considered as “sourcing leaders” already have a strategy in place. It is not rocket science to work with sourcing but it certainly is a complex world and a sourcing professional must master many skills from strategic company discussions to technical discussions about design and quality. To develop and keep a motivated team of sourcing talents it is important to take the competence development seriously.

We address some thoughts and ideas of how to develop and execute competence development in this month’s article of how to become best in class in sourcing. We also hope you are interested in having a more detailed discussion about this subject and please contact us for a short meeting!

As usual, we welcome your comments and feedback!

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