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City of Linköping launches next generation public wifi in cooperation with The Cloud and Utsikt Bredband

Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 16, 2015 13:18 CET

Linköping December 16th 2015 – The city ofLinköping has grown rapidly for a number of years alongside the aviation industry, the top tier Linköping University, and Mjärdevi Science Park, one of the largest technology parks in northern Europe. To facilitate further growth andcreate attractive city centers, the city of Linköping has partnered with The Cloud and Utsikt Bredband, to launch the next generation wifi services underpinned by a unique business model.

The demand for wireless high speed Internet is continuing to grow in Sweden, and there is no doubt that the availability is driving growth in the local communities and in businesses. The service availability is also making cities more attractive and more democratic. Cities have therefore already started to offer wifi services at locations schools, libraries, business parks etc., but they are in general missing the tools and platform to provide a homogenous service experience and an open service platform that allows different stakeholders to provide services and value to the community.

“In The Cloud we have found a partner with a long national and international experience, who can help us consolidate the service experience in existing networks, expand the networks efficient, and offer an open platform for all stakeholders.”, says Jörgen Svärdh, CEO at Utsikt Bredband AB.

The unique business model captured in the City License Agreement, offers communities of all sizes an opportunity to access services and tools in the cloud based service platform from The Cloud in a cost efficient way. This is accomplished through the open service model, which allows multiple stakeholders to take part, invest and offer services in the network.

Fredrik Eriksson, ICT Strategy Officer at City of Linköping: “Offering high quality public wifi services is an important component in making the City of Linköping even more attractive to live, visit, study and do business in. We believe that the unique business and open service model will facilitate a number of stakeholders to ‘crowd fund’ and spread the network all over the city and the municipality.”

The Cloud is registered as an operator in Sweden according to the Electronic Communications Act (Lag (2003:389) om elektronisk kommunikation), and is therefore regulated by the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) in all matters related to consumer and competition issues, efficient utilization of resources and secure communications.

Roald Sandén, Managing Director, The Cloud: “An important part in offering the next generation wifi services is to make sure that the security and integrity of the users is at the highest possible level. The Cloud is taking the responsibility for these aspects in the partnership, and we are working close with PTS to make sure that all services offered by The Cloud is compliant with the complex legal requirements in this area.”

One of the first steps this partnership is to expand the wifi coverage on Stora Torget, in order to provide wireless services to all the thousands of people expected to attend the nationally broadcasted charity event Musikhjälpen, which will take place between December 13th and 19th 2015.


Roald Sandén, General Manager Nordics, The Cloud, +46 (0)705 818609,

Peter Larson, Business Area Manager, The Cloud, +46 (0)709 522100,

Jörgen Svärdh, CEO, Utsikt Bredband AB, +46 (0)703 699249,

Fredrik Eriksson, ICT Strategy Officer, City of Linköping, +46 (0)13 263353,

About The Cloud

The Cloud is the leading independent public WiFi provider and WiFi operator in Europe, offering next generation WiFi services in over 30 (European) countries. The service offering includes an open network model, which allows a number of service and content providers to coexist in the same network. The Cloud also offers value added services, including marketing and customer insight. The Cloud offers an innovative business model that focus on using next generation WiFi services to deliver true customer and business value.

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About Linköping

Linköping has a population of more than 150,000 making it the 5th largest municipality in Sweden. Linköping lives by its motto "Where ideas come to life". The city is growing and attracting new inhabitants. Linköping University is one of the highest ranking universities in Sweden with the University Hospital offering specialist care both regionally as well as nationally. Linköping has established a cluster comprising of aviation-related companies and is also the aviation capital of Sweden. Linköping also has several hundred innovation-based companies within IT, mobile communication and visualization.

About Utsikt AB

Utsikt Bredband AB owns, operates and develops the urban net, the open local broadband network, in the region. Utsikt Bredband is responsible for the network and the customers choose Internet, TV and telecom services from a range of service providers. Utsikt Bredband is owned in partnership with other local energy companies.