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Claus Hougesen New CEO at Ementor ASA

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 09, 2007 08:44 CEST

September 1st, 2007 Deputy CEO Claus Hougesen will take over the role as Chief Executive Officer in the Ementor Group. Resigning CEO Jo Lunder will become president of Ferd Industrial Holdings AS.

Claus Hougesen, who currently is Deputy CEO in Ementor ASA and CEO in Ementor's Danish company, TOPNORDIC A/S, will from September 1st take over the position as CEO from Jo Lunder in Ementor ASA, the leading IT infrastructure supplier in the Nordic region.

Danish Claus Hougesen, 43, has been the key driver, together with Norwegian Jo Lunder, in the Ementor Group's turn around, and the two have ensured a strong development for the Ementor Group after the major mergers with Swedish Atea and Danish TOPNORDIC in 2006. The decision to seek new challenges is entirely Jo Lunder's own.

"After three years with Ementor, Jo Lunder has received an offer that he has wished to accept. The integration of the three companies - Ementor, TOPNORDIC and Atea - has been executed in an excellent manner and a new phase in the company's life now lies ahead," says Chairman of the Board Ib Kunøe, Ementor ASA.

Jo Lunder, who started in Ementor ASA in 2005, will now become president of Ferd Industrial Holdings AS. Since 2004, Jo Lunder has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Ferd Holding AS.

Claus Hougesen Is the Person Behind the New Ementor Concept
The business model that the entire Ementor Group uses today is partially invented by TOPNORDIC, which has shown the way for the rest of the Group with its eSHOP, proactive customer service and rigorous cost control. Now Claus Hougesen will extend his business model on a Nordic scale.

"I was immediately certain about who should follow Jo Lunder. Deputy CEO Claus Hougesen and I have worked closely together for nearly ten years, and few have, as Claus Hougesen always has, delivered what they planned to deliver. Claus is 100 % committed, he always reaches his goals and in addition to all that, he excels at leadership," says Chairman of the Board Ib Kunøe, Ementor ASA.

Incoming CEO Claus Hougesen looks forward to the new challenge:

"I didn't have any doubts when the Board of Directors offered me the new position. The challenge is a natural extension of my current position, and it gives me the opportunity to continue my commitment to and to create good results for this business, which I am so enthusiastic about. Furthermore, it is an exciting personal challenge, which is in line with my own wishes," says incoming CEO Claus Hougesen, Ementor ASA.

The goal for the Ementor Group is to achieve a turnover of 20 billion NOK and an EBITDA of 1 billion NOK in 2010. The Ementor Group, which consists of Ementor, TOPNORDIC and Atea, is targeting an organic growth from the existing 13 billion NOK in revenue to 16 billion in 2010. The remaining four billion NOK is to be achieved from acquisitions within the Group's strategic focus areas.

The Group management will be strengthened further with a Business Development Director, Jesper Mathiasen, who comes from Ementor's corporate finance business partner Atrium Partners in Copenhagen.

In Denmark, Peter Trans is appointed CEO at TOPNORDIC A/S. Peter Trans started in TOPNORDIC in 1990 and has been CTO since 1995.

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The Ementor Group is the leading provider of IT infrastructure products and services in the Nordic region. The Group has approximately 3,300 employees and is strategically located in the 50 most important cities in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Latvia, with annual revenue of approximately NOK 13 bn. The Ementor Group uses the TOPNORDIC, Atea and Ementor brands in its business and is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.