CliqTags Goes Abroad

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 13, 2013 14:13 CEST

After a successful launch in Sweden of CliqTags - the cloud-based platform for mobile marketing - it is now being introduced to the worldwide market with an all-new English-language information portal, and a fully English administration portal with self-service in terms of registration, online payment and administration.


CliqTags is a cloud-based platform combining a mobile marketing optimized Content Management System (CMS) with access methods relevant for use with mobile phones, e.g. QR Codes and bulk SMS, as well as detailed statistics, all in the same system.

Typical users of CliqTags are retailers, magazines etc that want to reach mobile users in an efficient and effective way for offerings, coupons, sweepstakes, contests, surveys, complementing information, contact information, feedback etc.

Everything is pre-installed and users get their own account, so they can easily design, build and modify their own campaign sites.

Today many that target mobile users still link to PC-optimized sites that are much too complex and unfocused for consumption via mobile phones. Also, many companies put the information in the QR Code or SMS, which is static and inhibits tracking. CliqTags solves both these issues and more.

In connection with the launch of ClicTags internationally, new users are offered to sign up for a free (but limited) account or directly go for the premium plans.

CliqTags provides an excellent path to complementing paper-based communication with digital ditto, and with measurable results.


• Configured by the customer: There’s no need to be (or hire) a web guru to publish a mobile site via CliqTags.

• If needed, Cliqtags can assist, but customers still get an account to perform modifications, check statistics etc.

• It takes a few hours to build a mobile site from decision to implementation.

• All information (and changes thereof) are activated immediately.

• Many sites can be handled as easily as many pages.

• Cost effective compared to the alternatives, not the least mobile apps.

• It automatically creates several access methods suitable for mobile phones, QR Codes, MS Tags, bulk SMS, SMS requests and short links, that all point to the same content.

• There’s no installation step. When you get your account you can immediately start publishing information via any web browser.

• The solution adapts to your needs, providing more sites and pages on demand, and enabling re-structuring, re-design etc over time.

• You can schedule and activate/deactivate whole sites and individual pages, as well as copy sites and pages, using them as templates for new content.

• Worldwide payment via PayPal or credit card.

For more information, see http://cliqtags.com/en


Abiro is a privately held company based in Lund, Sweden - a center of universities, and telecom and biotech related companies - that focuses on consulting and product development mainly in the areas of Web and mobile applications.

Abiro can assist with business intelligence, product specification, project planning, development, technical writing etc. Abiro also provides a range of Web applications and mobile applications, that can be licensed and private-labeled, and that also show off Abiro's capabilities.

To add capacity to projects, Abiro has a network of business partners that can be brought in based on project needs, either for strengthening the development capacity or for providing complementing functionality.

For more information, see http://abiro.com

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