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Closed circuit TV surveillance from Nyx Security calms residential areas

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 12, 2010 08:34 CET

An advanced monitoring system to be supplied by Nyx was chosen. This is the only system of its type in Europe. The service is based on a combination of manual and automated video analyses. Nine steerable and six fixed cameras are connected to a camera monitoring centre, which is manned for 24 hours every day of the year. The system automatically detects unusual movements, which in combination with manual analysis by the operators provides an excellent chance of hindering crime at an early stage, or preventing damage and accidents.


“Previous experience has shown that this system is extremely effective in crime prevention. So far this year our cameras have put a stop to over a hundred real-time events. In the case for example of schoolyards, incidents such as break-ins and vandalism usually fall to almost zero after our camera surveillance has been installed,” says Andreas Johansson Österberg, who founded the company and is responsible for product development at Nyx Security.


In Sweden it has always been a controversial step to have camera surveillance in public areas. CCTV monitoring has never before been installed in Swedish residential areas. However acceptance is rapidly growing due to the results offered by the right kind of surveillance systems. In the case of Biskopsgården, the residents themselves took the initiative for camera surveillance, and there was widespread agreement. Only one out of about 1,200 households took a negative stance.


It was in June this year that Länsstyrelsen (the County Administrative Board) gave Bostadsbolaget AB authorisation for camera surveillance in the area. The ethical concerns were outweighed by the purpose of the monitoring and the problems that existed in the residential area.


The system came into operation on 1 November, and the contract between Nyx and Bostadsbolaget is for three years. According to Andreas Johansson Österberg the conditions are good for expansion.

“If this task is successful, which we can already see that it will be, we intend to offer this service to other areas with similar problems,” he says.


Since 2001 Nyx Security has been a monitoring company authorised by Länsstyrelsen and Rikspolisstyrelsen (the Swedish National Police Board). With the assignment of personal surveillance business and authorisation safeguards, Nyx Security became in 2008 the first authorised camera centre in Sweden with real time visual monitoring. The REVISEC® system is based on advanced technology with built-in intelligent video analysis.

Nyx Security är sedan 2001 ett av Länsstyrelsen och Rikspolisstyrelsen auktoriserat bevakningsföretag. 2008 blev Nyx Security Sveriges första auktoriserade kameracentral med visuell bevakning i realtid. Systemet bygger på en högteknologi med en inbyggd intelligent videoanalys i realtid, REVISEC®. Vi hanterar även Talande Kamera® där vi pratar med "buset" på plats.