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Coast arranges Digital Round Table discussion for Avanade

Press Release   •   Oct 20, 2016 17:26 CEST

In a digital world, our need for trust in is greater than ever. That was the emphasized message Anna Felländer, Future and Digitalization Economist at Swedbank, promoted at Avanade’s Round Table Discussion about the future society where man and machine will work together achieving an augmented workforce.

KTH’s Danica Kragic Jensfelt, robotics professor, may be at the forefront of research, but during the discussion she toned the idea of what robots can achieve today, and said that we haven’t come as far as we often tend to think. There is still a lot robots can’t do.

Avanade's CM for Sweden Åsa Arvidsson, who on a daily basis help clients with their digital transformation, highlighted that we need to address the issue of how we will manage to work alongside robots and not focus on whether they will steal our jobs. How to go from innovation to business and benefit from this progress is the key issue today, according to Arvidsson.

The discussion was moderated by Patrik Löwendahl, CTIO at Avanade.

Coast Communications’ team consisted of:

KG Rickhamre, Client Leader

Oliver Hofmann, Project manager

Elisabeth Wanngård, Project assistant

Mari Fossheim, Coast Communications’ affiliate Navigator Oslo

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