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Pressmeddelande   •   Dec 26, 2013 19:30 CET

Sri Lankas ekonomiska huvudstad Colombo har under 2013 fått stor uppmärksamhet i internationella media. 

En bild av att Colombo i sig är ett resmål tonar fram i New York Times, Monocle, The Hindu och Financial Times. "-Colombo har massor att erbjuda och staden är definitivt ett resmål i sig själv. Tack vare bra förbindelser med Emirates, Turkish och Qatar är den inom räckhåll för en extended weekend även från Sverige" - säger Leif I Ohlson från Best of Sri Lanka in Sweden. 

Nedan vad som skrivits om den största staden på paradisön Sri Lanka  (länkar i tidningsnamnet).

New York Times 13 december 2013Sri Lanka is so jam-packed with alluring outdoorsy activities that visitors often high-tail it out of the capital a day or two after arriving, choosing instead to spend their vacation days lounging on a southern beach, whale-watching off the coast or leopard-spotting in a national park. Yet Colombo is fast becoming a draw in itself. 

The Hindu 14 december 2013

Just a hop and a skip away from the Indian peninsula, Colombo is the cherry in the delectable pie that is Sri Lanka. Clean, green and beautiful, Sri Lanka — this emerald droplet in the Indian Ocean — is currently No.1 on the Lonely Planet’s top 10 must-visit destinations of 2013. For shoppers, adventurers, vacationers and itinerant travellers, there’s something here to whet everyone’s appetite.

Financial Times – How to spend it 8 december 2013

Welcome to Colombo, post-conflict. After three-plus years of definitive peace, Sri Lanka’s capital vibrates with enthusiasm – and investment. An oxymoron no more, Colombo Fashion Week now attracts international editors, while its winning talents have gone on to show in the City of Lights. Art openings no longer require arrival via metal detector, but instead lure cognoscenti collectors from London and Hong Kong. Luxury hotel brands such as Shangri-La and Hyatt are planting their flags, while some of the subcontinent’s buzziest restaurateurs, including Olive Bar & Kitchen’s AD Singh, have been spotted scouring the ever-pricier real estate around this equatorial city

Monocle augusti 2013

It’s not even five years since the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war but in that time its capital has undergone an incredible transformation. There’s still plenty to do but the burgeoning arts scene and the restless optimism of its youth are signs of good things to come.

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Cultura och Living Colombo  samt Yamu är bra guider.

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Best of Sri Lanka in Sweden samlar in och sprider information om Sri Lanka som destination och handelspartner, dessutom arrangeras Sri Lanka-aftnar och utställningar då mat, porslin och konst presenteras. Under 2013 lanserades även sidan med info om Sri Lanka