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"Colours are back" - Johanson Design

Pressmeddelande   •   Okt 10, 2012 11:13 CEST

Colours are back.

A strong and growing trend is playful and inspirational use of colour for offi ce interiors to create a personal and individual expression in a public space.

The next time you order furniture Johanson Design will gladly help you to stick out from the crowd. At Johanson Design, at no extra cost, all metal furniture details can be ordered in 68 different colours and fi nishes, which mean that your furniture can be in 64 different RAL colours and with four different fi nishes: white, black, chrome and satin. The RAL colours and the fi nishes are all standard at Johanson Design.

The colours are painted in epoxy while chrome and satin are electrolytic fi nishes, meaning that the product’s surface is coated with metal, chrome for example. The Multicolour colours are part of the RAL system, which was developed as early as 1925 in Germany.

Are you ready for a playful colour explosion at the offi ce?