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Complexity transcended into simplicity. The Animus Heart has entered!

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 15, 2016 12:11 CET

The Animus Heart will take care of all of your home automation communications. No more boundaries or unsupported products and protocols, only one simple solution. Every home looks different and we all have our specific needs. We want to make sure that you can use the Animus Heart consistent with your preferences. The hApp world, similar to the App Store concept, will provide these complete, ready to go, solutions and they will assist your everyday life at home. Everything from morning routines to social gatherings and from energy control to home security, the Animus Heart will help you.

One great feature is that it stores everything locally and avoids cloud storage, just for your integrity. Your home and personal settings doesn’t belong to someone else, it belongs to you and we want to keep it that way. All your smart devices can now communicate with each other; home appliances, lamps, cameras, locks, sensors, speakers, gaming gear and blinds, their limit bar is extended by each day. So set up your home the way you want it and let Animus Heart take care of the rest.

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What started in 2014 as a concept from a tech company in southern Sweden is now a new start-up revolutionizing the smart home industry. The smart home solution is developed by the four founders. However, we are not doing this alone. One of the main approaches is the easy to use tool that we have created for a developer community. This ensures your freedom on making Animus Home what you want it to be. Feel free to use your Animus Home as a user who only wants things to work without much effort or become developer for it.