Djenee Corporation

Concierge startup Djenee smashes record for equity crowdfunding in Asia in less then a day on FundedByMe

Press Release   •   Jun 22, 2015 14:42 CEST

Investor interest in Djenee comes hot on the heels of Magic, a similar service based in the US, which recently raised money at a US$40million valuation just after six months of operations.

If pundits’ predictions on the end of apps are to believed, digital concierge services like Djenee (read ‘Genie’) will dominate how we get stuff done on our smart devices.

“People have busy lives, and are desperately trying to simplify. Tech hasn’t done much to solve that problem. There are a million apps out there and we’re still as busy as ever. This is why we built Djenee. You simply ask Djenee, and it gets done,” said Co-Founder and CEO Pär Helgosson.

Pär continued, “We think we’re onto something huge, and the response to our campaign is a sure sign that agree with us.”

Helgosson and his team were previously from The Service Corporation, specialising in providing sourcing and support services to high-growth companies. With decades of experience, the team is focusing its energies and expertise on making Djenee the next phenomenon in service delivery.

“We’re extremely excited about partnering with Djenee to raise their very first round of funding, which broke records for Asia and with investors from all around the world. This is a start for crowdfunding in Asia and we expect South-East Asia to exceed US$1 billion as a market by itself in the next few years. FundedByMe will give companies a global stage for companies in Asia to find investors, so that these companies accelerate and build powerful momentum from day one,” said Daniel Daboczy, CEO and Co-Founder of FundedByMe.

The campaign is still live here.

Crowdfunding in Asia is quickly gaining momentum, with Malaysian authorities announcing licenses for equity crowdfunding platforms to operate in the country. Asia-focused crowdfunding platforms CoAssets, FundedByMe, and New Union also launched a regional alliance in May this year.

Djenee is your personal digital concierge service that does everything you want on demand. It is free to ask us anything you need help with. We make everything work so that you get what you need; whether it’s sending flowers to your wife when you’re driving, finding you a laptop charger when you're out and about, or getting a car hired for your travels –– we make it happen.

Djenee is the solution for every person or business that need or want help with anything they can not or do not want to do themselves. The modern life is very hectic and most people have more things to do than they have time in a day to do it. Djenee can instead buy, deliver or fix any product or service for you, at home or at work.

Djenee was founded in Mars 2015 by Pär Helgosson and Jonny Youssef in Sweden. Pär has had a childhood dream to use and build a service that could help anyone with anything they wanted. Since the mid 90s been working with internet and technology ventures providing management and IT Management consulting to digital startups as well as Fortune 500 companies, advising and consulting on how to build global service and support organisations. Always striving for a better service delivery and support to the customer.

Jonny has over 20 years in the service industry, and it’s pretty much in his DNA. He has built world class Service Desks for the financial industry and always delivered happy customers. Having a large family and network of friends, Jonny was the go-to guy that everyone went to 24/7 when they needed help, advice or technical support. He knew how to get things done –– and fast. Basically a Djenee in real life.

So when we got together to talk about building a service that could help everyone at anytime, everything clicked. We saw an opportunity to bring our experience in building of top-of-class IT service desk capabilities together with tenacious problem-solving skills to fulfil wishes of people everywhere in the world, like a Genie.