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Corline’s heparin technology makes front page

Pressmeddelande   •   Jun 25, 2013 14:11 CEST

Swedish company Corline Systems AB, maker and distributor of a proprietary and unique heparin coating technology for use in Regenerative Medicine, has had a study of its  technology published in the leading scientific journal Tissue Engineering. The editors chose to place it front page.

“Obviously, the inherent capability of our technology to promote cells to more readily grow into products used for tissue repair is very interesting to the scientific community. The current study is a good example of how the Corline heparin technology may help improve products for regenerative medicine on a broad scale, and it corroborates data produced both in house, by customers we work with, and by other scientific groups in EU and in the USA. It is very rewarding for the researcher and for Corline that the study is placed front page of such a well renowned journal as Tissue Engineering”, comments CEO Henrik Nittmar.

The study – titled ‘Attachment of Flexible Heparin Chains to Gelatin Scaffolds Improves Endothelial Cell Infiltration’ – shows that by attaching Corline’s CHS technology to a collagen soft tissue repair patch, endothelial cells, which are the precursors to a functioning blood vasculature, infiltrate the patch up to 2.5 times better than without a coating. This is a very important finding because without the immediate access to oxygen and nutrients through a functioning vascular system, implantation of cells, organs or tissue segments is not likely to succeed. Technology that can help in this process is an important building block in the growing Regenerative Medicine industry.

The study was conducted by a group of well-known researchers at the Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala University, together with members of the Corline team.

Corline is developing its technology for a multitude of clinical applications in the Regenerative Medicine space, both in partnership with industrial companies from many corners of the world, and
together with international research groups in Europe, the US and Australia. A common denominator is that all projects use the same core technology.

One example of Corline’s internally developed project is to use the unique heparin coating technology, CHS, to protect cells for different types of cell therapies. In this setting CHS can attenuate blood mediated inflammatory reactions and save the implanted cells from destruction when transplanted to patients. The Swedish Medical Products Agency has given its approval to start clinical trials for this promising technology for patients with severe diabetes type-1.

Ref: Leijon et al., Tissue Engineering: Part A, Vol 19, no 11 & 12, June 2013


About Corline and CHS

Corline is a biotechnology company based in Uppsala, Sweden, that develops, manufactures and distributes a proprietary patent protected heparin conjugate surface (CHS) that can be used both for medical devices and for Regenerative Medicine (cell therapy and tissue engineering). In 2011 the market for Regenerative Medicine totaled a 3.5 bn USD turnover, with a 80 % share being focused in the US. The US based market analysis company Life Science Intelligence, estimates the total potential to be over 100 bn USD.

CHS can be used to coat living cells and tissue without compromising their biological functions. CHS helps attenuate the local inflammation that is formed on and around grafts at transplantation, and promotes new blood vessels to grow more quickly to support the graft. For the patient, CHS potentially means better clinical outcome and a more rapid recovery from treatment.

Corline conducts pre-clinical and clinical studies within a number of cell and tissue therapy areas. These studies are a first step towards realizing the company’s vision of having its CHS platform technology widely used within the future Regenerative Medicine market. The CHS technology is protected by more than 20 granted and pending patents.

Corline is a privately held company, financially backed by members of the Crafoord family, primarily known for the development of Swedish medical device company Gambro (founded by Holger Crafoord), and Lars Sunnanväder, a well-known entrepreneur who has founded several medical device and biotechnology companies, e.g. heart/lung assist and coronary surgical device manufacturer Jostra, lung assist device manufacturer Novalung, Jotec, Jolife, Joline and other companies within this field.

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