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CP+B and Betsafe calls the bullshit in the gambling vertical

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 13, 2015 11:40 CEST

All you see on TV is glitter and gold, winners and free spins as far as the eye can see. Well, honestly – that’s bullshit. And even though Betsafe can take some of the blame – they do want people to gamble after all – at least this time they’re not going to sugarcoat the fact that winning is hard. But with a lot of skill, and a fair bit of luck, you might be one of the few exceptions to the unspoken rule that the house always wins.

- “Ads and marketing for online gambling has become horribly generic over the years. We wanted to do something different. Instead of focusing on the next jackpot, Betsafe tells you what your chances of winning actually are. The main target audiences for Betsafe are ultimate players and thrill seekers. Often experienced gamblers... And well, they already know this truth. And they are incredibly tired of being patronized. We all are”, says Jeremy Taylor, Managing Director, Betsafe.

One of the first in the business

- “This kind of advertisement is revolutionary to what you see every day within the online gambling industry”, says Jeremy Taylor, who thinks their customers will appreciate the honesty.

- “Our customers are not stupid, and I think they deserve the honesty that we give them with this new campaign. Maybe it can be an inspiration for the rest of the business in the future”, says Taylor.

The core strategy behind the new concept was to use this simple truth to provoke action among the target audience.

- “We want to reach those who don’t see themselves as the statistically average. The self-proclaimed outliers. And to get them to attempt to prove us wrong when we say in all honesty that they’re unlikely to beat us”, says Markus Lindsjö, Creative Director at CP+B Scandinavia.

- “Finding a client bold enough to not only challenge the entire industry, but to do it on this scale... It’s quite rare, and an opportunity we are exceptionally happy to have been given.” Says Therese Olander, Client Service Director at CP+B Scandinavia.

The campaign, simply nicknamed “No Bullshit Betting”, will roll out in both traditional and digital media, across Scandinavia, the UK and multiple other markets in northern Europe, starting on the 8th of August.

CP+B Scandinavia became the global Agency for Betsafe after a pitch in February 2015.


90s Manifesto https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RorHn_atM84

30s Prove us wrong: https://vimeo.com/album/3482848/video/133643457

15s Earnings: https://vimeo.com/album/3482848/video/133643460

15s Double or Nothing: https://vimeo.com/album/3482848/video/133642695

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For more information:

Markus Lindsjö, Creative Director

+46 709 214582


Jeremy Taylor, Managing Director Betsafe,

+356 79947194


Team CP+B Scandinavia

Creative Director: Markus Lindsjö

Art Director: Dennis Rosenqvist

Copywriter: Per Rundgren

Strategy Director: Jonathan Brown

Client Service Director: Therese Olander

Account Director: Karin Branmark

Agency Producer: Jim Elfving

Account Manager: Erik Karlsson

Graphics: Oskar Pernefeldt, Linus Bronge

Creative Interns: Erika Almqvist, Emil Ryderup

Final Art: Per Westlund, Anna Gustafsson

Production Teams:

Production Company: Camp David, Orange Films

Director: Robert Jitzmark

Producer: Rickard Edholm

Post production: Stopp & Frost VFX

Still photography: Aorta


CMO Betsson Group: Patrik Öqvist

Managing Director: Jeremy Taylor

Global Brand Manager: Tom Nyborg

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