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Creating Scandinavia’s first influencer marketing agency

Pressmeddelande   •   Aug 18, 2015 11:21 CEST

MIKZ AB and United Bloggers International AS have merged, creating Scandinavia's first influencer marketing agency. Dan Olofsson and Kjetil Tveter are the majority shareholders. Their goal is to provide brands a dedicated audience through influencers and challenge the traditional way of doing digital marketing.

“We realised that the combination of MIKZ technology and United Bloggers influencers gave us a perfect combination; says Kjetil Tveter, founder of United Bloggers.

“With this merger we combine the rapidly growing content marketing concept of United Bloggers with Mikz advanced technical platform for mobile phones giving influencers and brands new opportunities for growth”; continues Dan Olofsson, founder of MIKZ.

United Bloggers has managed to monetize and grow digital influencers in Norway from zero to two million unique users per month since the launch Jan 2015. United Bloggers is growing the business for more than 100 bloggers in Norway and already has a positive cash flow.

MIKZ has developed an impressive technology that gives some amazing possibilities on the mobile phone. In addition, MIKZ has a number of celebrities communicating with their fans.

Influencers are bloggers, celebrities, sport stars and everyone who manages to grow their own audience. One single blogger can reach a bigger audience than a newspaper. Commercially influencers are an excellent channel for marketing and advertising specially through content-marketing.

The new company is called United Influencers Media Group (UIMG) and have two focus areas. To develop the MIKZ technology both for telecom operators and other organizations, and create a leading influencer marketing agency. The company will focus on Scandinavia first but has global ambitions.

-We are so excited to combine the biggest influencers in Scandinavia with the best mobile experience, says Thomas Moen, CEO of United Influencers agency.

For more information:

Kjetil Tveter 


+47 916 64 874

Dan Olofsson 


+46 70-379 22 54

Istvan Beres

CEO, United Influencers Media Group 

+46 72-552 41 90

Thomas Moen

CEO, United Influencers Agency

 +47 92 28 03 48

Mikz was launched in Sweden in May 2013. Mikz is one of the most advanced mobile platforms for digital content in smartphones. They have offices in Sweden, Paris, London, New Delhi and Cape Town. The CEO was Istvan Beres

About United Bloggers International: Founded in 2014. They represent 130 bloggers in Norway and Sweden, have over 2,5 million unique visitors monthly and their CEO was Thomas Moen.