Danisco adds value to meat

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 29, 2009 13:31 CEST

Innovative solutions cut the cost and secure the quality of processed meat products.

Danisco is well armed to help the traditionally cost-aware meat industry optimise recipes and processes and add extra value to processed meat products as the global recession continues.

With many consumers now targeting products that give more value for money, GRINDSTED® Meatline Stabiliser Systems are an ideal choice. These optimised solutions give cooked, emulsified, ground and restructured meats a satisfying flavour and texture and good sliceability.

Lower raw material costs
Manufacturers can reduce high raw material costs by using GRINDSTED® Meatline to improve yield and minimise cooking loss. Using the stabiliser systems, meat trimmings can also become high-value whole muscle medallions, and ground meat can be turned into juicy burgers or nuggets.

"Meat is probably the most expensive raw material used in food. GRINDSTED® Meatline compensates for texture when cheaper raw materials are used," says Jesper Kampp, meat group manager.

Longer shelf life
Waste reduction is another route to cost savings. Here, Danisco can offer effective natural solutions for shelf-life extension, including GUARDIANTM Rosemary and Green Tea Extracts. Natural antimicrobials are an additional useful option on relevant markets.

Nitrite salt replacement
Not only low-cost products are in focus. Consumer behaviour shows there is still room for the occasional indulgence. At this end of the market, Danisco is experiencing growing demand for TEXEL® NatuRed, a range of meat cultures that serve as a natural alternative to nitrite salts in cured cooked meats and sausages.

"For premium meat products, a clean label is a clear priority," Jesper Kampp explains. "Using TEXEL® NatuRed, manufacturers can produce cured meats with the colour, flavour and shelf life traditionally obtained with nitrite salts."

Danisco has put together a comprehensive programme of cost-cutting solutions designed to beat the recession. A detailed presentation of solutions for the processed meat industry will be given at a Danisco webinar on 27 May at 14:00 CEST.

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