Danisco combines tradition and science to offer HOWARU™ Kefir Bifido in a unique probiotic ethnic shot

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 20, 2006 09:03 CET

At HIE, Danisco presented a unique kefir shot including HOWARU™ Kefir Bifido, a kefir blend combined with a probiotic strain with documented immune-modulating properties - adding a further health-enhancing benefit to this energising dairy beverage.

The new blend is part of the Danisco Kefir range based on real freeze-dried kefir grains, that are coming with a long list of reputed health benefits, yeasts and lactic cultures to provide various textures and flavour intensity.

In addition to the kefir shot presented at the HIE, Danisco developed five appealing and trendy kefir formulations from a traditional Snow Rose kefir as known from centuries to other differentiating possibilities with Lemon Cooler, Strawberry Sensation, Oriental Delight or Apple Blossom.

“Our new kefir formulations provide not only a unique refreshing sensation but also an extended shelf life compared to traditional kefir reaching up to 21 days”, says Jana Parn, M.Sc., Dairy Application Specialist.

Thanks to its light fizziness, nutty flavour and Caucasian origins, kefir is spreading from its traditional roots in Eastern and Central Europe, where it represents 1,2 million tons*, to other regions, opening up a world of opportunities.

HOWARU™ is a registered trademark of Danisco A/S
* Danisco estimates
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