Danisco innovates with a new natural and cost-effective solution to protect meat and poultry flavour and taste

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 06, 2007 13:18 CET

Today, Danisco, world leader in food protection solutions, introduces GUARDIAN™ Green Tea Extracts, specifically selected for their outstanding antioxidative properties on heat-treated meat and poultry products.

Green tea is traditionally positioned as a flavour agent used mostly in beverages. Danisco is the first ingredient company to use the antioxidative properties of green tea to effectively protect the shelf life of meat and poultry products.

According to unique scientific and application data from Danisco Food Protection Center in Brabrand, GUARDIAN™ Green Tea Extracts are demonstrating flavour performances on meat products that are superior than synthetic antioxidants such as BHA. Furthermore, this new range is also very cost-effective compared to other natural solutions and brings a healthy and natural brand image to meat products.

“Thanks to the high quality extraction process, GUARDIAN™ Green Tea Extracts have a low flavour intensity, therefore preserving a nice meat taste.” says Jorgen Sorensen, Danisco Business Director for Antioxidants.”Our trials have also shown that the meat treated with GUARDIAN™ Green Tea Extracts maintains its flavour for a longer period than meat treated with other natural or synthetic solutions.”

Following the trend for natural solutions, natural antioxidants including herbal extracts are performing particularly well with a growth rate comprised between 6 and 8% per year worldwide at the expense of synthetic solutions.

GUARDIAN™ Green Tea Extracts is part of the Danisco Food protection range also including:

* GUARDIAN™ Rosemary Extracts
* GRINDOX™ Antioxidants
* EMBANOX™ Antioxidants
* TEXEL® Meat Cultures
* HOLDBAC™ Protective Cultures
* NISAPLIN® Natural Antimicrobials
* NATAMAX® Natural Antimicrobials
* NovaGARD™ Antimicrobial Systems.

GUARDIAN™, GRINDOX™, EMBANOX™, TEXEL®, HOLDBAC™, NISAPLIN® and NATAMAX® are registered trademarks of Danisco A/S

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