Danisco woos cash-conscious consumers

Pressmeddelande   •   Apr 15, 2009 13:21 CEST

Danisco brings food producers new opportunities for tackling recession.

Danisco has drawn on its global innovation network to compile a database of inspirational cost-reduction solutions to help food manufacturers through the financial crisis.

Since the end of 2008, consumers have tightened their purse strings and changed their behaviour dramatically. Over-consumption is now out, eating at home is in, and the hunt is on for more value for money.

Value improvement
Based on these consumer insights, Danisco provides a complete overview of ingredient solutions that target current market conditions.

The offer includes opportunities for manufacturers to replace expensive raw materials, optimise recipes and processes, and reduce storage costs. Food protection solutions for shelf-life extension are also in focus, as consumers become more reluctant to throw food out.

Behavioural analysis
"We have used a model of what people actually do in times of recession to determine the kind of solutions that are necessary in individual food industry sectors," says Birgitte Mikkelsen, group manager who is leading the project.
The forecast obtained from behavioural analyses is that the food market will split into two, with premium indulgence products on the one hand and value for money foods on the other. Private labels are expected to benefit as consumers shift away from more expensive brands. Health will continue as a market driver.

Global network
Danisco offers solutions that can both help manufacturers protect their brands and promote private label products.

"Our global innovation network has so far collated well over a hundred solutions, so we are well on the way. We will be launching development activities to fill the gaps," adds Conny Twisttmann, application director.

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