Danish Software Firm Conquers Japan

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 13, 2007 12:04 CET

International success and recognition for the Danish software firm
Yawah.com, based in Egå, Denmark, continue with the announcement of an
agreement with Tokyo-based kitASP for Japanese distribution of the eRez
Imaging Server.

The agreement opens the technologically powerful Japanese market for
Yawah.com. Kristian Ottosen, founder and CEO of Yawah.com, explains,
"Our deal with kitASP is very exciting, because they have many years of
experience in the sales of solutions to some of the largest Japanese
corporations. And "large" in Japan means "huge"! KitASP has a strong
network in Japan and can pave the way for major orders in their market."

KitASP was established in November, 2000 by, among others, NTT Data,
Mitsubishi Electric, Hitachi and Omron, making it a solid enterprise
with strong owners. But Kristian Ottosen and his staff at Yawah.com take
it all in their stride. In 2004, they prevailed against all competitors
in the bid to deliver an imaging server platform for NASA, the US
aeronautics and space administration. In 2005, the NASA contract led to
an unofficial world record, as Yawah successfully handled 120 Gigabyte
image files on the Internet (Just one of these images would require the
storage capacity of 160 CD-ROM's.) In 2006, Yawah.com supplied the
complete imaging platform for World Press Photo.

"We're used to dealing with large-scale solutions and extreme demands on
reliability. So we know that we can live up to the requirements of our
new Japanese clients. But still, it is exciting, as well as challenging.
We're already working on a localised version in Japanese and the
translation alone is quite a project," explains a proud Mr. Kristian
Ottosen. He continues, "KitASP handles some of the largest and most
comprehensive web solutions in Japan. Because their concept also
includes image handling, they required a solution that could feed images
to websites in realtime - and also function as an image bank. We can do
this with eRez, currently in version 4, and that's why we were

Mr. Toshio Matsuda, president of kitASP, adds, "The eRez imaging server
is the only European software that we distribute in Japan. All our other
external products are from the USA. We look forward to working with
Yawah and to offering our clients what I would not hesitate to call the
best imaging server solution on the market."

The fact that Japan is known as one of the countries that invest most in
research and innovation makes it all the more remarkable that one of
that country's most acclaimed suppliers of web-based solutions had to
turn to scenic Egå Marina in Denmark to find software that is
sufficiently stable and innovative.

About Yawah.com
Yawah.com is a leading developer of software for image management in
connection with Internet retail and cross media. The company was founded
in 2001 by Kristian Ottosen, after decades of experience in the
development of imaging software. Yawah focuses on the simplification of
cross media publishing, where high-quality images play a major role. The
main product is the eRez Imaging Server which is available along with a
range of plug-ins. For more information, visit www.Yawah.com

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