Dave Canterbury: “I have no doubt I could trust my life to Morakniv Garberg"

Pressmeddelande   •   Jan 20, 2016 22:00 CET

Survival expert Dave Canterbury wants to highlight the importance of a reliable knife. When the outdoor adventure becomes a matter of survival, your knife could be your only available lifesaver.

Dave Canterbury has more than 20 years of experience of bushcraft and survival. He’s the founder of the Pathfinder School where he teaches outdoor self-reliance and primitive skills, the author of the New York Times bestseller “Bushcraft 101”, and has showed his skills on several tv-shows.

“The greatest advantage to the full tang knife is overall strength from construction throughout the tool. With no reduction in material width the tool can take the same amount of stress along its length from tasks like batoning to split wood without the possibility of being compromised at a reduction in material width.”

Wood processing tasks in particular are where the full tang knives truly shine.

“There may come a time when the knife attached to your hip is the only tool available to you in an emergency and a full tang knife is your best choice. With this you can, if needed, safely process larger diameters and harder woods if necessary to affect immediate survival. The full tang knife could become your “One Tool Option” in an emergency and placing your trust in the only tool you may have is important.”

As for the Morakniv Garberg, Dave has put it to the real test in hard outdoor environments.

“I have used it for all tasks that it may be required to perform under most conditions; from fine carving, meat processing, skinning game, splitting kindling and processing barks, as well as heavier tasks like cutting through cartilage joints on a carcass, striking a ferrocerium rod, and splitting 4" hardwood logs. In my mind, this knife has performed flawlessly in all these areas and I have no doubt I could trust my life to this blade in an emergency.”

He stresses the importance of knowing, learning and practicing outdoor skills.

“Getting lost off a trail or spraining an ankle that could prevent you from returning on time, could be an emergency to many folks. Therefore, these skills should be a top priority for anyone planning to spend even a small amount of time in the natural world.”

Morakniv – Made in Mora Sweden since 1891

Sedan 1600-talet har man tillverkat knivar i Mora. Tryggt förankrad i denna långa hantverkstradition startade Erik Frost vår första fabrik i Östnor utanför Mora år 1891. Idag förs traditionen, den samlade kunskapen och erfarenheten vidare av Mora of Sweden. Vår fabrik ligger fortfarande i Östnor precis som för hundra år sedan. Här till­verkas alla våra knivar under minutiös kontroll och med en blandning av hantverkskunnande och modern teknik. Design, material och metoder förfinas kontinuerligt av personal som ärvt genera­tioner av yrkeskunskap.