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Debut Album from Spagyrikerna

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2013 13:06 CET

To people in the music business:

White Line Recordings is proud to announce that the debut album from Spagyrikerna will be released on the digital market February 12, 2013.

The album contains 8 tracks of some kind of experimental pop/rock music with Swedish lyrics. Follow the link below for free promotion material.

For free promotion material:

Feel free to give this release attention! White Line Recordings will be thankful for radio promotion, reviews, interview requests, gig offers and so on. If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact.

Track list - Spagyrikerna (self-titled album)

1 Den första kärleken

2 Stekel

3 Tumba

4 Sträck ut mig

5 Bakhåll

6 Donatorn

7 In med mörkret

8 Rensa ut allt

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