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Did the Swedes crack the code to how we will watch TV and movies in the future?

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 26, 2013 13:33 CET

Photo: (left) Rudolf Castillo, Founder, Head of Business Development and Arash Pendari, Founder & CEO

When Swedish film enthusiasts at tech-company Vionlabs test-drove their platform together with Warner Brothers and Tele2/Comviq they got very positive feedback from users. But that wasn’t all – they also saw the revenues increase with 4800 per cent.

In the music industry we have seen services like Spotify (also Swedish) change the way we listen thanks to better user experience and decreased piracy. Still, in the movie and TV business nothing has really changed. New services like Voddler, Netflix and HBO try to get into the market place while cable and satellite companies try to innovate. But the new players don’t show any black figures, and the old ones have not understood new user behaviour – all according to VionLabs.

– There’s a lot of activity in the market right now, with Netflix and HBO. But show me anyone in this field that’s earning money, I promise to eat my own smart phone, says Rudolf Castillo, Founder and Head of Business Development at VionLabs.

He claims that the reason these companies don’t make money is because their payment solutions are too complicated and because they don’t think about new user behaviour and how smart phones have transformed the digital landscape.

For 2 years time VionLabs have developed what they see as the solution for the movie and TV industry, and first and foremost for the user. They initiated a team with 9 000 people, folks who used and tested this platform.

Then VionLabs created a proof of concept together with Warner Brothers and Tele2/Comviq in Sweden to fully test the user experience. In only 30 days the video revenues increased with 400 %, compared to what one of Sweden’s most popular VOD-services turn over in a year. In other words, the VionLabs solution means a possible increase of revenue with 4 800 per cent.

VionLabs concept is based on using the smart phone as video screen and as a remote control for the connected home.  You can stream videos and tv-shows to different screens with ease ­– from tablets to TV-screens, change to another movie in seconds, and create your own personal movie experience. Instead of having to terminate your package deal, just to see a new TV-series or your favourite game

– Our solution and our commitment comes from our private interest in movies and TV. We just love entertainment. And we wanted to create a user experience so great that piracy becomes obsolete, says Arash Pendari, CEO and Founder of VionLabs.

Now the telecom industry have become aware of the company, and in addition Tele2/Comviq has VionLabs entered into negotiations with several operators.

Yesterday at the exhibition Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​which runs from February 25th -28th  VionLabs unveiled an enhanced solution of its technical platform - which it calls Social Mobile Cloud.

Meet VionLabs at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona Feb 25th to 28th, Hall 6 Stand 6C70.  

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VionLabs is a Swedish Tech Start-up with offices in Stockholm and Barcelona. Since 2009 they have developed digital eco-systems for carriers, cable networks and internet providers – with main focus on user experience. Among their clients you'll find Tele2 / Comviq.