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Diesel Vår/Sommar 2011 - Welcome to the Diesel Island!

Pressmeddelande   •   Feb 23, 2011 15:16 CET



In 2011 the brand sets off to create a brave new world for the braves and terminally stupid.

 It’s the news Diesel fans the world over have been waiting for. After years of feeling marginalised by society, of feeling too colourful, courageous, individualistic or merely stupid to the rest of the world, they’re finally getting a place they can call home. In 2011 they can emigrate to Diesel Island.

This is not a vacation – it is a nation. After launching a movement with the Be Stupid campaign, Diesel’s next step is the creation of an entirely new and stupid society: a tropical utopia where the principles of the Be Stupid manifesto can thrive and flourish.  What would it be like to start a nation from scratch? To take what is great from the countries we know, and ditch all that is bad? To re-write the laws? To right social wrongs? A country for only the brave?

 The print and outdoor campaign images will show the first pioneers arriving on the island, living exciting experiences, solving some of the old world’s oldest problems (immigration, healthcare systems, transport…) with fresher eyes, and holding wild parties to celebrate the birth of their nation. Think Lost, but with nicer clothes and no polar bears.

 A raft of cross-media initiatives (viral videos, a Facebook application and a game based on island’s everyday life, a pirate radio, etc) will complement the traditional media outburst, while the Diesel website will be fully integrated with the campaign: virtual visitors to the island will be able to shape its laws, watch videos of island life, meet its citizens – and of course buy island-friendly clothes via the interactive catalogue. And not to forget, the island will have its own Wikipedia entry, updated every week as the emerging society and its rules and regulations evolve.

 Meanwhile, Diesel stores will become the official “embassies” of the island, with flags, maps and explanations of the philosophy that led to the creation of the world’s youngest country. Entering the embassies gives everybody the chance to get official Diesel Island citizenship.

Diesel Island: land of the stupid, home of the brave.

Det italienska jeansmärket Diesel är bland de mest populära denimmärkena i Sverige. Diesel har länge varit en ledande aktör och varje säsong lanseras kollektioner med nya uttryck, ofta med flera varianter av samma plagg. Diesel är idag lika känt för sina jeans som jackor, t-shirts, skjortor, klockor, skor, parfym, underkläder, läder och accessoarer och <0}{0>The company is present in over 80 countries with over 5,000 points of sale and 280 single-brand stores (180 of which are company-owned and the rest in partnership with local distributors).<}0{>finns idag i över 80 länder. {0>When Renzo Rosso founded the company in 1978, he wanted it to be a leader, a company that took chances and carved out a niche for itself in its field.<}0{>Renzo Rosso grundade sitt företag 1978 och <0}är även Majoritetsägare i Staff International som licensierar Dsquared, Marc Jacobs, Viktor & Rolf, Maison Martin Margiela, Vivienne Westwood och Diesel Black Gold.