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Dipylon Medical AB secures SEK 27.5 million in growth capital

Pressmeddelande   •   Sep 16, 2008 13:51 CEST

Dipylon Medical AB, a medical device company focused on monitoring the heart, has
successfully completed its financing process. Growth capital totaling SEK 27.5 million has now been contributed to the company for continued clinical studies and initial

Dipylon Medical AB ("Dipylon") has developed a new method for detecting serious complications following heart surgery. The company was founded two years ago and its first product received CE-marking and was approved for sales in Europe in January 2008. During the spring, an initial clinical study on patients undergoing heart surgery was conducted and the results were favorable. The company is now planning to conduct more extensive international clinical studies with a view to further demonstrating the system's function when used worldwide by heart surgeons and intensive care doctors.

"The capital contribution will enable us to accelerate our market introduction. The fact that we have now secured cash for our expansion is a definite confirmation of the company's potential." says Henrik Falkén, Managing Director of Dipylon Medical AB.

The company was founded in 2006 by Associate Professor Jan Liska and Professor Anders Franco-Cereceda, both active as cardio thoracic surgeons at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna. During their work, they encounter situations on a daily basis that require better methods for early detection of complications following
heart surgery. In the past ten years, they have conducted research into how this can be achieved through measurements of lactate directly in the heart. This research forms the basis for Dipylon's patented system.

Heart diseases are currently by far the most common cause of death in the Western World. Globally, nearly two million heart surgeries are performed each year.

"Compared with the use of conventional methods, Dipylon's system enables much earlier detection of complications after heart surgery. This provides us with considerable potential to improve the survival prospects of our patients," says Associate Professor Jan Liska.

CMA Microdialysis, whose principal owners are Skanditek Industriförvaltning and Investor Growth Capital, is now contributing a total of SEK 27.5 million in growth capital to the company. The aim is to enable continued clinical studies and the initial launch of the company's system.

Winberg & Buch AB served as financial adviser to Dipylon Medical AB.

For further information, please contact:

Henrik Falkén, Managing Director of Dipylon Medical AB; Tel: +46-(0)70 3350 591
Philip Siberg, Chairman of the Dipylon Medical AB Board; Tel: +46-(0)70 7906 734

Dipylon Medical AB
Dipylon Medical AB has developed a unique new system for monitoring patients in connection with heart surgery. The system measures
lactate directly in the venous outflow from the heart, thus providing a very early indication of any complications. As a result of the early
detection of potentially life-threatening complications, such as post-operative infarction, treatment can be initiated before permanent
damage is caused, which improves the patients' prospects of survival and reduces healthcare costs. The company was founded in 2006 by
Professor Anders Franco-Cereceda and Associate Professor Jan Liska, thoracic surgeons at Karolinska University Hospital.